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Has Silver Lost Its Shine?

November 3, 2014


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SHOW NOTES – 11/4/14

Has Silver Lost Its Shine?

Plus, an important update on the U.S. Dollar

FTMDAILY.COM – We have a very exciting show lined up for you today. We are focusing on gold, silver, and currencies with three special guests on the program.

You will hear commentaries from:

  • David Morgan of and the leading expert in silver investing
  • Axel Merk of Merk Investments and one of the world’s top currency experts
  • Tom Cloud, veteran precious metals advisor and regular contributor to FTMWeekly Radio
SEGMENT ONE: Interview with David Morgan

Our first guest today is leading silver expert, David Morgan. He is the founder of Silver Investor and The Morgan Report, a monthly investing newsletter dedicated to tracking the silver markets. He has appeared on CNBC and Fox Business, and has been interviewed by the likes of the Wall Street Journal and Futures Magazine. He first appeared on FTMWeekly radio in November 2011, and we are very pleased to have him back on the program. David is here to discuss the current state of the silver market and where he believes things are headed.

David Morgan shares his comments on the following topics:

  • Key takeaways from the 12th Annual Silver Summit
  • How silver miners are coping, especially since the average total mining costs in bringing an ounce of silver to market often exceeds the current price level
  • Federal Reserve monetary policy… is QE4 around the corner?
  • What is the appeal for investors to hold physical silver versus ETFs or stocks?
  • The Gold/Silver ratio: what is it and why is it important for investors?
  • The Swiss Gold Referendum

Visit David Morgan’s Website Here

SEGMENT TWO: Interview with Axel Merk

Our next guest is Axel Merk, one of the world’s top experts on currencies. Axel is the President and Chief Investment Officer of Merk Investments, and his knowledge of the markets has allowed him to foresee major economic events, such as the credit crisis in real estate in 2008 and the massive gold bull market in the 2000’s. Axel is here to discuss the recent rally in the U.S. dollar, the future of the Euro, his opinion of Bitcoin, and his latest commentary on former Fed Chair Alan Greenspan. Axel Merk first appeared on FTMWeekly Radio in March 2013, and we are honored to welcome him back.

Axel Merk shares his comments on the following topics:

  • Alan Greenspan at the New Orleans Investment Conference… (Mr. Greenspan claims gold prices are heading higher)
  • The recent rally in the U.S. dollar: is it an emotionally-driven rally based upon global economic fears, or is it something else?
  • What lies ahead for the U.S. dollar?

  • Outlook on the European currency
  • What strategy is the Merk Hard Currency Fund (Ticker: MERKX) using to capture gains in this current environment?
  • The rise of Bitcoin as a currency or investment

Visit Axel’s Website Here

Listen on Youtube

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Tom Cloud – Precious Metals Advisor

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