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VIDEO: Cashless Society, Trump-China, and More

November 30, 2016


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    Topics Covered on this video conference call (in order)

    • The ‘Trump Optimism’ in the Stock Market. Jerry Robinson provides his signature market commentary on what has been happening in the markets since Donald Trump was elected president earlier this month. Highlights include:
      • S&P 500 analysis
      • Commentary on potential Federal Reserve rate hike
      • Analysis of the physical gold market
    • U.S.-China Relations Under the New President. One of the most important economic and political relationships of this century, the U.S.-China relationship, is evolving into a new paradigm. Get Jerry Robinson’s fierce commentary on Trump-China relations.
    • Big Moves Toward Cashless Society. A recent announcement from India’s leader, coupled with new payment technologies, shows big moves toward completely ridding societies of cash.
    • The Lights Will Go Out in America. Jerry Robinson explains why an attack or natural disaster could very likely cause massive power outages in the United States. He then asks five important questions every American family should answer immediately.

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