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7 Warning Signs That Stocks May Be Heading Lower

October 13, 2012

7 Reasons Why Stocks May Be Heading Lower - Subscribe to the Follow the Money Podcast Through iTunes7 Reasons Why Stocks May Be Heading Lower - Subscribe to the Follow the Money Podcast RSS Feed



SHOW NOTES – 7 Warning Signs That Stocks May Be Heading Lower

Commentary on the financial markets and an update for precious metals investors


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02:04 >>

7 Warning Signs That Stocks May Be Heading LowerOn this week’s Follow the Money podcast, Jerry Robinson discusses seven threats to stocks in the near term. The stock market has rallied hard since June of this year. But over the last three weeks, the markets began flashing warning signs amid heavy institutional selling. Last week, Jerry declared that the markets were in correction mode on his trading website, So what should investors do now? Listen as Jerry provides his insight and analysis.

MARKET COMMENTARY: This week, the major indexes closed their worst five-day period in four months. Stocks are now officially in correction mode after strong and consistent outflows by institutional investors. Next week, stock investors should pay close attention to the key support level of 1420 on the S&P 500 Index. If we close below this level next week, stocks could quicken their decline. However, if stocks hold above this key support level, it will indicate tremendous strength in the markets to continue moving higher. Be advised.

Watch the Key 1420 Support Level on the S&P 500 Index Next Week

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31:12 >>

Next, we are joined by Precious Metals advisor Tom Cloud who provides his insights on the week’s action in the gold and silver markets.
To hear what Tom Cloud thinks lies ahead next week for gold and silver, listen now.

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36:55 >>

Later in the program, Certified Financial Planner Jay Peroni shares his latest investing idea. This week, Jay focuses in on natural and organic food company, Hain Celestial (NASDAQ: HAIN). While the stock is currently trading just below $60 per share, Jay shares why he believes Hain could rise to $80 within 12 months.

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42:26 >>

In this segment, Jerry and Jennifer tackle a few listener questions regarding how to succeed as an investor as well as a question about a technical indicator known as the “death cross.”

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57:27 >>

John Bearss - Retirement Income to Last a Lifetime - Annuities and Life InsuranceFinally, in this week’s Retirement Minute segment, financial advisor John Bearss discusses the State Death Tax and the Federal Income Tax and the impact that they can have upon your estate plan. John first explains the different types of taxes that are imposed on your estate upon death at the State level. He also dissects the Federal Income tax and how it will impact your estate.

>> John Bearss is a financial advisor with 26 years of experience. In addition to offering holistic retirement and financial planning advice, he also provides FTMWeekly listeners with 100% free financial coaching on our Five Levels of Financial Freedom. To schedule your free coaching session, call John Bearss directly at (888) 914-9909. Or you can email him at john @


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