Month: March 2012

March 31, 2012 Month: March 2012

Our Favorite Precious Metals and Commodity Investments for 2012

Host Jerry names some of his favorite precious metals, agriculture, commodity, and energy stocks on this week’s show. Special guest: Bill Fleckenstein.

Month: March 2012

FULL LENGTH VIDEO: The Ugly Truth About Consumer Debt

Jerry Robinson and veteran Debt Coach, Tom Coates, host an an eye-opening webinar that reveals the ugly truth about consumer debt and how you can get debt free.

March 24, 2012 Month: March 2012

Red and Blue and Broke All Over: Restoring America’s Free Economy

Host Jerry Robinson welcomes author, Charles Goyette. Goyette discusses his latest book Red and Blue and Broke All Over.

Month: March 2012

How the Student Loan Crisis is Changing My Real Estate Investment Strategy

With over $1 trillion in student loan debt how should you change your real estate investment strategy? Here’s how it is changing ours.

Month: March 2012

How to Combat Inflation for Early Retirement

Inflation is the biggest risk to any retirement savings plan, and woe to any retiree who underestimates its effects. Inflation is the increase in the money supply, which results in a sustained increase in the price of goods and services over time. Most experts agree that retirees need to assume an annual inflation rate of 3-4%, but a good retirement plan should account for periods of high inflation as well.

March 17, 2012 Month: March 2012

An Update on Precious Metals and Consumer Debt

Host Jerry Robinson and Precious Metals Advisor Tom Cloud discuss the diamond market and breaks some important news about diamonds that you don’t want to miss in this week’s Precious Metals Market Update.

Month: March 2012

10 Alarming Statistics About Credit Card Debt in America

Here’s 10 alarming statistics about consumer debt in the United States.

Month: March 2012

Avoid the Roadblocks that Prevent Early Retirement

One of the biggest mistakes people make is waiting until their 50s or 60s to start planning for retirement. Waiting this long typically means that more sacrifices will have to be made and sometimes these sacrifices can be hard to bear.

March 10, 2012 Month: March 2012

Petrodollar Warfare: Why The U.S. Economy Requires Perpetual War

Listen as Jerry Robinson explains why the Petrodollar system has created a need for perpetual war by the United States. This is an eye-opening radio show! Don’t miss it!

Month: March 2012

A Diversification Strategy that Leads to Early Retirement

A common investment pitfall is spending far too much time trying to pick individual stocks that will increase in value. It’s much more important to understand proper diversification.

March 6, 2012 Month: March 2012

Swing Trading Amid Global Turmoil

For those who are new to swing trading, right now is an interesting time amid the global volatility. I typically hold a stock for at least three days.

March 5, 2012 Month: March 2012

How the Government (Really) Works

How does the government work? Forget the top 1%… We are talking about “the top 1% of the top 1%” that really pull the strings in this country. Learn more here.

Month: March 2012

Shock Claim: Al Qaeda Enters Strategic Alliance with U.S. Against Syrian Government

According to new international reports, the United States may have recently formed a strategic alliance with some anti-Assad factions operating within Syria.

Month: March 2012

FTM Daily News Update – 3/5/2012

Like Exchange Traded Funds? Here’s a list of the five best performing ETF’s so far in 2012…

March 3, 2012 Month: March 2012

Ron Paul vs. The Fed: What’s the Real Inflation Rate?

Listen as Rep. Ron Paul confronts Federal Reserve Chair Ben Bernanke on the real inflation rate and competing currencies.

Month: March 2012

A 401k Strategy that Leads to Early Retirement

This week, John Bearss shows you a 401k strategy that leads to early retirement. Many investors fail to take full advantage of their employer’s contribution matching, which is just about the same as throwing away money.