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Here are the Top 10 Entry Level Jobs for 2014

May 20, 2014


    Here are the Top 10 Entry Level Jobs for 2014

    Here are the Top 10 Entry Level Jobs for 2014 – The U.S. job market today seems to be a two-edged sword. On the one side, there still seems to be widespread unemployment and growing numbers on government subsidies. On the other hand, some industries, like truck-driving, are struggling with having too few workers to fill open positions. High school and college students are constantly being told that they must have an expensive four-year college education in order to excel in the job market, and many of these students are doing just that, even if it means acquiring tens of thousands worth of debt before they reach age 20.

    Just this week, we have been trying to hire a few general laborers for grounds maintenance here at the FTMDaily headquarters in northwest Arkansas. We are offering $10/hour (almost double the state minimum wage) for moving, hauling, chopping, lifting, etc, and we have gone through 20 different small, local contractors who had “work wanted” ads online and still no one wants the work (sure it’s not the most exciting or the easiest work in the world, but hey, I thought there was an unemployment crisis in this nation).

    The key to our current job market is two-fold. If you want true job security in this nation, you must either:

    1. Perform a skill that no one knows how to do (doctor, plumber, electrician, web developer, etc).
    2. Perform a skill that no one wants to do (trash pickup, moving, house cleaning, roofing, etc).

    If you stick to one of these two key principles, chances are that you will never be out of work for long, it ever.

    Regardless of the path you or your family members choose, it doesn’t hurt to do a little research beforehand about the job market. If you haven’t noticed, the majority of Americans are glued to a screen all day. Whether it’s a desktop computer, TV, tablet, mobile phone, or even smart cars, watches, and eyeglasses, Americans and much of the developed world can’t take their eyes off screens. Therefore, it’s a pretty safe bet that an education in programming, web applications development, electronics engineering, or even internet marketing would serve you well. In fact, WalletHub has put together a list of the best and worst entry level jobs for high school and/or college graduates. As you can see in their results below, six of the top ten jobs are directly related to computing and Internet technology, while two others could be indirectly related.

    Best & Worst Entry Level Jobs

    Best Entry-Level JobsWorst Entry-Level Jobs
    1. Web Applications Developer I1. Policy Processing Clerk
    2. Information Security Analyst I2. Tool and Die Maker I
    3. Designer I - Web3. Teller I
    4. Attorney I4. Welder I
    5. Software Engineer I5. Floor Assembler I
    6. Financial Analyst I6. Architectural Drafter I
    7. Market Research Analyst I7. Electronics Assembler I
    8. Network Engineer I8. Claims Processing Clerk
    9. Training Specialist I9. Boilermaker I
    10. Programmer I10. Consumer Loan Servicing Clerk I
    Source: Wallethub

    The researchers at WalletHub compared 109 different entry-level jobs on the basis of not only starting salary and education requirements, but also salary growth potential, median tenure with the same employer, and on-the-job injuries, along with six other factors. The only jobs of the top ten that are not related to technology are Attorneys and Training Specialists.

    One final note for those who find themselves graduating this May, or for those who may be unemployed or searching for a new career: don’t follow your dreams. This sounds harsh and un-American, but the best thing you can do when choosing a career path is to utilize the basic economic concept of supply and demand. Our good friend and economist Aaron Clarey gives this advice in his book, Worthless: The Young Person’s Indispensable Guide to Choosing the Right Major. Make a list of ten things you will purchase today (or in the next few days). Then, make a second list of the careers or fields of study that interest you. If the second list has nothing to do with the goods and services on the first list, then you may want to rethink your career path.

    Avoid choosing a career based solely on your passion or talents. Carefully consider the return on investment when evaluating costly education programs, training courses, or when deciding whether or not to accept a job offer. And remember that many skills can be learned and developed online at a much lower cost than traditional universities or even completely free.

    Until tomorrow,
    Jerry Robinson



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