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A Spiritual View of Charitable Giving

May 12, 2014



    A Spiritual View of Charitable Giving

  – On yesterday’s podcast, I spent some time explaining a Biblical view of charitable giving. The voluntary and sacrificial act of giving of our financial resources to those in need is one of the most vital components of a solid financial plan.

    Those who fail to plan their giving often fail to give at all.

    If you missed yesterday’s podcast, you can listen here. (If you prefer to download the show through iTunes, click here.)

    In addition to this weekend’s podcast on giving, FTMDaily also offers a free Charitable Giving Worksheet for you and your family. (Download it here.)

    Just as it is nearly impossible to successfully navigate a sea vessel without a map and an understanding of how coordinates work, it is likewise very difficult for us as individuals to successfully give money the way that we may want to without first mapping out a charitable giving strategy.

    This Charitable Giving Worksheet will challenge you to think differently about giving. The worksheet includes:

    • Six Ways to Diversify Your Giving
    • Six Giving Methods (Other than Cash)
    • Plus, you will be challenged with 15 powerful questions that will help you deeply examine and formulate your own philosophy on charitable giving.

    When we learn the value of real giving, we will find it brings a greater sense of joy, satisfaction, and meaning to our lives.

    And it is certainly true that sharing our resources with others that we love, those who are less fortunate, and with causes that we support, often brings greater satisfaction and joy than simply consuming all of our resources upon our own desires.

    At FTMDaily, you have learned the importance of diversifying your investments. You have also heard me explain that it is important to diversify your savings and your sources of income.

    Now, it’s time to learn the benefits of diversifying your charitable giving. Once you do, your life will become richer in more ways than you can imagine.

    Until tomorrow,
    Jerry Robinson




    Jerry Robinson Explains How to Create a Charitable Giving Plan

    Learn More and Download the Charitable Giving Plan Worksheet Here




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    Investor Wire: Profiting From the Coming Paper Money Collapse“Preparing — and Profiting — From the Coming Collapse”

    Dallas Fed’s Fisher: Low Rates Will Stay as Long as Inflation Under 2%

    “Barring some destabilizing development in the real economy that comes out of left field, I will continue to vote for the pace of reduction we have undertaken, reducing by $10 billion per meeting our purchases and eliminating them entirely at the October meeting with a final reduction of $15 billion.”

    Pope Implores Governments to Redistribute Wealth to the Poor

    Francis made the appeal during a speech to U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and the heads of major U.N. agencies who met in Rome this week.

    China Signs Mega East Africa Rail Deal

    China just signed a deal to build a $3.8 billion rail link between Kenya’s Indian Ocean port of Mombasa and Nairobi, the first stage of a line that will eventually link Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi and South Sudan.

    One of the Best Retirement Deals 9 Out of 10 People Ignore

    The Roth 401(k)…

    Survey: London Tops Super-Rich City List

    London has more billionaires than any other city in the world, and Britain has more billionaires per head of population than any other country, new data showed on Saturday.

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    Precious Metals Market Update with Tom Cloud

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    Chart of the Day: Daily Investment Trends for the Savvy Investor“Daily Investment Trends for the Savvy Investor”

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    Global Wire - Tracking Global Trends“World News Headlines That We Are Tracking”

    U.S. to Conduct Strategic Bomber Exercise

    New U.S. nuclear drills follow ‘massive’ Russian war games last week.

    Pro-Russian Separatists Declare Victory in East Ukraine Vote

    Referendum roils Ukraine; Kiev, U.S. call secession ballot illegitimate.

    MAG: Israel’s Aggressive Spying in the U.S. Mostly Hushed Up

    Despite strident denials this week by Israeli officials, Israel has been caught carrying out aggressive espionage operations against American targets for decades, according to U.S. intelligence officials and congressional sources. And they still do it. They just don’t get arrested very often.

    Obama Sends Vietnam Nuclear Trade Pact to Congress

    U.S. nukes for Vietnam…

    Italy Looks at Mediterranean for Alternatives to Russian Gas

    The Rome government wants to turn Italy into a southern European gas hub able to transit African supplies into Europe as it develops reverse flow capabilities at its northern borders.

    Greek Supreme Court Clears Neo-Nazi Golden Dawn Party for EU Vote

    Formerly on the fringe of Greek politics, Golden Dawn surged in popularity in the wake of the country’s debt crisis, tapping into widespread anger over immigration and austerity reforms.

    Calls to Class Far-Right Jewish Settlers as Terrorists After Israeli Soldiers Attacked

    Last week, the Israeli justice minister, Tzipi Livni, and the internal security minister, Yitzhak Aharonovitch, both argued that rightwing extremists should be classified as terrorists following attacks on soldiers at the hardline West Bank settlement of Yitzhar.

    Department of Justice Wants Expanded Permission to Hack and Search Remote Computers

    Digital rights groups warn the DOJ request raises concerns about Internet security and Fourth Amendment protections against unreasonable searches and seizures.

    Hezbollah Warns of Power Vacuum

    Last week, Hezbollah called for a political consensus on a new president and warned that Lebanon might slip into a power vacuum if no head of state is elected by May 25.

    Exploring the China and Oman Relationship

    Although not widely reported, the two countries have burgeoning ties that go beyond oil.

    A Modern Pope Gets ‘Old School’ on the Devil

    Theologians and Vatican insiders say Pope Francis has dwelt far more on Satan in sermons and speeches than any of his recent predecessors.

    Holy War Rocks Harvard as the Catholic Church Fights Back Against Satanic Mass

    In an official statement, the Archdiocese said it fears that people who partake in the ceremony are “underestimating the power of Satan.”



    Follow the Money Weekly Podcast - This Week's Episode

    A Spiritual View of Charitable Giving

    Broadcast Every Weekend – Hosted by Jerry Robinson

    Topic: When we learn the value of real giving, we will find it brings a greater sense of joy, satisfaction, and meaning to our lives.

    Download Now >>
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    Read This Week’s Show Notes >>

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    A Daily Dose of Financial Wisdom from God's Word
    “A Daily Dose of Financial Wisdom from God’s Word”

    “He who gives to the poor will never want, but he who shuts his eyes will have many curses.”
    Proverbs 28:27



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