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Watch Jerry Robinson Discuss Bible Prophecy on GOD TV

July 8, 2015


    <strong><center>Watch Jerry Robinson on GOD TV - This Friday Evening</center></strong>
    Watch Jerry Robinson on God TV as he answers questions about Bible Prophecy and End Time economics on the new international television series, Apocalypse and the End Times.

    Watch Episode 1 in full here

    Watch Part 2 this Friday. For times in your region

    Christian economist and best-selling author, Jerry Robinson of Follow The Money examines the emerging global economic system in the light of End Time prophecy. Everyone is talking about the Greek financial crisis, but could this be part of a much wider problem that affects everyone? The author of Bankruptcy Of Our Nation, Jerry Robinson continues sharing on the fragility of the world’s economic system and gives tips on how viewers can prepare themselves in the days ahead. He tells Paul McGuire that the Church must look to God as their source and repent for allowing the spirit of mammon to control the economy. That, believers need to prepare themselves by diversifying their money into tangible assets as the
    currencies of the world are judged in the End Times.

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