VIDEO TUTORIAL: How to Buy and Sell an Option

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VIDEO TUTORIAL: How to Buy and Sell an Option

VIDEO TUTORIAL: How to Buy and Sell an Option
In Lesson #3 of our Options Trading University, Jennifer Robinson demonstrates how to buy and sell an option with an emphasis on expiration date, strike price, open interest, and the bid-ask spread.

In this brief 8-minute video tutorial, Jennifer Robinson uses her own trading account to show you how to buy and sell an option. She purchases a put option and emphasizes:

  • Why new options investors should not be intimidated when buying an option
  • Five things to examine when buying an option (expiration date, strike price, volume, open interest, and bid-ask spread)
  • The order type and time frame for an options trade
  • And much more!

Stay tuned for lessons #4 and #5 coming up very soon in our special Options Trading University series.

Enjoy the video!

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