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The Windsor Hum: New Documentary to Investigate Strange Noises in the Sky

April 13, 2013

    The Windsor Hum: New Documentary to Investigate Strange Noises in the Sky

    In the above interview, I am joined by a Toronto-based artist and filmmaker who has turned to the internet to raise funding for his upcoming documentary, entitled: Zug Island – The Story of the Windsor Hum.

    His name is Adam Makarenko.

    Makarenko first heard about the Windsor Hum on He was so intrigued by the story that he traveled to Windsor to hear the strange noises in the sky for himself.

    When he arrived, he spent hours driving around the area at night. He eventually experienced firsthand what locals call the “Windsor Hum.” He describes it as a low rumbling sound that you can feel pulsating throughout your body. Makarenko said that the intensity of the experience confirmed his suspicions that something major was happening in Windsor. He hopes to expose the source of the mysterious hum through his new documentary film.

    Zug Island – The Story of the Windsor Hum (Official Trailer)

    Makarenko describes his indie documentary film as a “real life X-file” and “an investigative documentary jam packed with stake-outs, surveillance, mixed with a series of interviews from residents to scientific experts.”

    To finance his independent documentary film, Makarenko has turned to a new funding source online called crowdfunding. Crowdfunding is novel way for aspiring artists, filmmakers, and small businesses to obtain financing online from like-minded individuals. This is typically done through popular crowdfunding websites like and

    His goal to raise $15,000, which will finance the production of the film and his living arrangements while in Windsor. As of this writing, Makarenko has raised around 30% of the money needed through his crowdfunding efforts.

    So what exactly is going on in Windsor?

    Well, this is the problem. No one seems to be able to identify the source of the mysterious hum that has annoyed local residents since 2011. Residents report that the mysterious humming noise seems to be coming from Zug Island, which is a nearby industrial area protected by U.S. Homeland Security. A large range of adverse health issues have been blamed on the hum by the locals. Some local residents have become so frustrated with the mysterious hum that they have packed up and moved away.

    Public officials in Windsor have grown increasingly irritated with the lack of answers regarding the noises. As a show of concern, the Federal government provided the University of Windsor with a $60,000 grant to investigate the source of the mysterious noises. Their findings are expected to be released over the next 10 months. The research is being headed up by mechanical engineering professor, Peter Brown.

    Some speculate that the sounds are produced by cell phone towers, malfunctioning industrial equipment on Zug Island, or even geological disturbances. Others, however, believe that the sounds are much more sinister and could include top secret government experiments or a secret military base on Zug Island.

    If anyone knows the source of the eerie Windsor hum, they are not talking.

    Makarenko hopes to change that, saying:

    “This documentary intends to crack open the anatomy of the Windsor Hum – revealing the true nature of its destructive force. What does it do to the people that live there? What are the long term effects? All of these questions, and more will be answered in this feature documentary.”

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