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The Spiritual Deception of Money

September 7, 2013

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SHOW NOTES – 9/7/13

The Spiritual Deception of Money

Plus, an update for precious metals investors


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Precious Metals Market Update – Precious Metals Advisor, Tom Cloud

Precious Metals Market Update - An Interview with Precious Metals Advisor, Tom Cloud

Tom Cloud joins us for his weekly Precious Metals Update.




An Interview with Jerry Robinson on the Spiritual Impact of America’s Economic Crisis

In Segment Two, we are broadcasting an interview that Jerry Robinson gave while he was speaking at the Prophecy Summit at Pikes Peak. During the interview, Jerry explains the dark side of money, including the spiritual impact of America’s economic crisis.

Here are some of the themes that Jerry covers in this interview:

– Money is one of the great deceivers of mankind, becoming the sole ambition of far too many.

– Our entire system of money is based on debt.

– Money controls our politicians, our media, and of course, every corporation on earth.

– Further, money is used by the most corrupt institutions on Earth to control us.

In this insightful interview, Jerry explains why a proper understanding of money and basic economics helps one to “follow the money” and make sense of the world — a valuable skill in troubled times.

(VIDEO) The Spiritual Deception of Money


Disclaimer: Investing involves risk. Always do your own due diligence and consult a trusted financial professional before making any investing or financial decisions. Jay Peroni is a Certified Financial Planner and is part of our Christian Advisor Referral. FTMDaily is affiliated with Jay Peroni and Faith Based Investor, LLC.


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