EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: The Coming Cashless Society

Exclusive Video: The Coming Cashless Society

SUBSCRIBER-ONLY VIDEO: The Coming Cashless Society

In this exclusive 60-minute video conference call, Christian economist Jerry Robinson discusses four key topics.

#1 Charting the Markets. A technical breakdown of U.S. stocks, gold, silver, oil, and the U.S. Dollar

#2 The Coming Cashless Society. Gain a deeper understanding of the impact of negative interest rates and why central banks may accelerate their move towards abolishing paper money by 2020.

#3 High Caliber Stocks. Learn all about one of our latest new services, the High Caliber Stock List.

#4 Trend Analysis 101. Boost your trading profits by learning the important differences between the Swing Trend, Position Trend, and Long-Term Trend.

This video was recorded on February 24, 2016 exclusively for our FTM Insider community.

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