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Swing Trading Report – July 2014 Performance

August 6, 2014

swing-trading-report-JULY2014Swing trading is one of most lucrative skills you can learn. And with our Trigger Trade Pro stock trading software and monthly Swing Trading Report, aspiring traders can quickly learn the profitable art of swing trading.

Each monthly issue of our exclusive Swing Trading Report includes 15-30 stocks that are nearing a buy point according to our Trigger Trade Pro stock trading system. All of the stocks found in this report are priced at $8.00 or above per share. This exclusive Swing Trading Report is available only to our Trigger Trade Pro subscribers.

Below you will find the performance results from the stocks profiled in last month’s Swing Trading Report. Some of these trades may still be in play and waiting for our system to issue a sell signal. Others may have stopped out before reaching their full profit potential, or have already sold for a profit.

Now, let’s consider last month’s results…

TickerTrigger DateTrigger PriceHighest Price ReachedProfit PotentialDays Held
AAPL7/7/2014$95.07$99.44 4.59%17
AERNever Triggered$46.84
AFOPNever Triggered$20.51
CMCONever Triggered$29.07
COHU**7/31/2014$11.11$12.30 10.71%4
EA7/16/2014$37.26$38.64 3.70%5
EWINever Triggered$17.96
EXPD7/8/2014$45.08$45.78 1.55%13
FAFNever Triggered$28.67
FLIRNever Triggered$35.57
FNSRNever Triggered$21.36
GCANever Triggered$9.31
GREKNever Triggered$23.84
GRMNNever Triggered$62.07
GSMNever Triggered$21.59
KORSNever Triggered$91.98
LDR7/23/2014$44.13$44.53 0.90%2
ODFLNever Triggered$65.37
PERINever Triggered$10.61
QIWI7/14/2014$42.39$44.90 5.92%3
RFMD7/18/2014$10.15$11.79 16.15%9
TMH7/24/2014$52.01$57.73 10.99%5
VIP7/16/2014$8.97$9.00 0.33%1

Yesterday, we released the August 2014 Swing Trading Report.

(All current subscribers received the report by email.)

This new August report contains 18 stocks that are nearing a new trigger price. All of these stocks have good volume levels and are above $8.00 per share.

Want a copy? Learn how to get instant access to this month’s Swing Trading Report here!

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