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Resource Wars… and Rumors of Resource Wars

September 18, 2012

– Resource Wars and Rumors of Resource Wars…
– Resource Wars Hidden Beneath Eschatology
– Watch Jerry Robinson and Tom Cloud Live on your TV this Friday Night
– The Financial Markets Are Overbought
– New FTM Trading Room
– Trigger Trading Update

Greeting FTM Insiders,

In this week’s Gold member Briefing, there is much to cover.

Resource Wars and Rumors of Resource Wars… The first lesson that you learn in a basic study of economics is that the greatest physical problem facing humanity is a little word called “scarcity.” Put simply, the basic resources available to mankind are finite in number, while man’s “wants” are infinite. It doesn’t matter if those resources are land, water, gold, people, or oil. The historical record shows that for 6,000 years, the wealthy elites of a nation have sent the poor (soldiers) into battle to do their bidding. The wealthy plan the wars and use their subjects as pawns in a never ending cycle of war for resources. Despite what our modern refined culture would try to tell you, nothing has changed. Sure, the weapons are more advanced. Instead of swords and shields, we now have large arsenals of biological, chemical, and nuclear weapons. Instead of horses, we use tanks and drones.

And perhaps there is another difference worth mentioning….

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