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PODCAST: The World’s Most Important Bank

September 22, 2016


In this week’s broadcast, Christian economist Jerry Robinson introduces us to the most important bank you've never heard of, highlights the recent Wells Fargo banking scam, and continues to shine light on shady U.S.-Saudi relations. Also, Tom Cloud has the latest news on the precious metals markets.

Show Notes

Meet the BIS, the World's Most Important Bank w/ Jerry Robinson
Segment begins at 3:00

  • BIS warns that conditions are ripe for financial nightmare in China
  • The BIS: “The markets are too dependent upon monetary policy”
  • The difference (and vast divide) between monetary policy and fiscal policy
  • Senator Elizabeth Warren blasts Wells Fargo CEO John G. Stumpf
Precious Metals Market Update w/ Tom Cloud
Segment begins at 23:37

Tom Cloud

Precious metals advisor Tom Cloud reports on the latest market events impacting the price of gold and silver. Some of this week’s highlights include:

  • Why the 35-year bull market for bonds is inevitably coming to an end
  • Institutional commercial paper to automatically switch to T-bills this Friday!
  • China, the world awaits…
  • Gold is losing its “shorts”
  • The ever-increasing debt ceiling
  • Don’t miss the boat!” Why you should consider buying gold now!

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Leaks, Liaisons, and Legacies
Segment begins at 35:17

Former Secretary of State Colin Powell’s leaked emails and Israel’s long-suspected nuclear status are some of the topics in this segment, along with Jerry’s commentary on President Obama’s legacy and the military industrial complex.

Additional Reading Links

Man Cannot Rule Man by Jerry Robinson

FTMWeekly News
Segment begins at 51:57
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