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PODCAST: The Season of Giving

November 28, 2018


As Americans prepare to spend $1 trillion on the 2018 Christmas season, Christian economist Jerry Robinson provides some healthy perspective on the true purpose and spirit of giving. Also, tune in for a chance to win a 1-year Platinum membership with!

Show Notes

Segment 1: The Season of Giving
Segment begins at 02:22

In this week’s broadcast, Christian economist and lifelong Bible student Jerry Robinson shares how spontaneous and sacrificial acts of giving help him identify with the poor and answer the question that God ultimately asks of all men.

  • The law of money dictates spending, buying, selling, saving, etc.
  • Giving without receiving anything in return violates the law of money
  • How can God own everything if everything that you own you have earned by yourself?
  • We are stewards of the resources, talents, and abilities God has entrusted to us
  • The incredible joy of spontaneous giving
  • The ongoing presence of the poor stands as a perpetual witness against the rich
  • He who gives to the poor lends to the LORD
  • When you give, you break the law of money and demonstrate the law of grace
  • Is money the master of your life or is it your servant?

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Segment 2: Win a 1-year Platinum Membership!
Segment begins at 29:39

In the spirit of giving, trading coach Jerry Robinson presents listeners with the opportunity to win a 1-year Platinum membership with (a $1000 value!). Here’s how you can enter:

Simply text ‘giving’ to 50597 and we will notify the winner by text. We will also make the announcement on next week’s podcast, so stay tuned!

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Segment 3: The Final Word
Segment begins at 31:37

Jerry closes out today’s show with a compelling reminder that all of the resources that we are given by the LORD, be they many or few, serve to test our faithfulness to Him – and will be a significant factor in our eternal destiny within His Kingdom.

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