PODCAST: Petrodollar in Peril

Petrodollar in Peril

Petrodollar in Peril
Welcome to this week’s edition of Follow the Money Weekly Radio! In this week’s broadcast, Jerry Robinson dissects the ‘surprising’ lack of enthusiasm over the JASTA victory for families of 9/11 victims. Also, he discusses the recent abrupt drop in gold and silver prices with Precious Metals Expert Tom Cloud. > Subscribe on iTunes | Download

Segment 1: A Date with Saudi Arabia

Segment begins at 02:27

In this segment, Jerry dissects the Republican and corporate media lack of enthusiasm over the JASTA victory for families of 9/11 victims, as well as the many troubling – and unprecedented – trends developing on the horizon. Highlights include:

  • First lawsuit filed against Saudi Arabia by widow of 9/11 victim
  • Does this portend the end of the petrodollar system?
  • What is your definition of terrorism?
  • Will JASTA serve to disincentivize acts of terror?
  • The black-gold(en) era of U.S.-Saudi relations
  • IMF: Global debt at record-breaking $152 TRILLION
  • Collapse of U.S.-Russian dialogue regarding Syria

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Segment 2: The Precious Metals “Paper Caper”

Segment begins at 26:33
Tom Cloud

Jerry and precious metals expert Tom Cloud explore the reasons behind the sudden selloff in gold and silver earlier this week, and Tom offers time-tested words of wisdom to owners and non-owners of precious metals right now.

  • The recent volatility in gold and silver prices: what really happened
  • Is the nightmare of FDIC bail-ins in our future?
  • The unlikelihood of an interest rate hike
  • China: Redback currently 12% of SDR pie
  • Russian ruble rising…
  • Why has the IMF allowed China’s gold holdings to remain a mystery?

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Segment 3: FTMWeekly News

Segment begins at 45:33

  • Investor Bill Gross pessimistic on effect of money printing (News.Markets)
  • Resistance to Globalization (Bloomberg)
  • Mukasey calls for repeal of JASTA (Arab News)
  • Comey’s financial dealings raise more questions (Breitbart)
  • Blackrock cutting ETF fees (Bloomberg)


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