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PODCAST: Find Your Why

November 10, 2021


In this new episode, Jerry Robinson shares the importance of developing a "why" statement in achieving your long-term goals. Later, in our Member Spotlight segment, Jerry is joined by author, business owner, and FTM Platinum member Doug Fitzgerald to discuss his book, One Shot One Life. (Plus, we announce the winner of our latest giveaway!)

Show Notes

Segment 1: Discover (or Rediscover) Your Why


Find Your Why

Many of us know what we do, many of us know how we do what we do, but very few of us truly understand why we do what we do. Until we discover our purpose for wanting to achieve our goals, we’re going to struggle. Listen in as Jerry Robinson takes you on a journey to discover (or rediscover) your “why.”

  • (Drum roll please)  The winner of our 1-year Gold membership is…
  • True success comes to those who understand why
  • Jerry’s personal awakening to his passions and his goals
  • Commitment to your goals will unleash your energy
  • All real change begins in the mind
  • Your future is hidden in your routine
  • Commitment becomes natural when you know your why
  • Jerry’s personal “why” statement for FTM
  • A simple formula to create your own “why” statement

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Segment 2: Member Spotlight: Best-Selling Author Doug Fitzgerald


Doug Fitzgerald is a best-selling author, CEO, life coach – and a Platinum member of In this very special segment, fellow author Jerry Robinson is joined by Doug to discuss Doug’s book OneShot. OneLife.®: The Ultimate Success Formula to Help You Win At Anything In Life.

  • Doug’s journey to
  • The story behind the title of Doug’s book
  • What do you worry about that keeps you up at night?
  • Doug’s personal wake-up call
  • The Ultimate Success Formula: 5 powerful principles (sneak peek)
  • The difference between goals and priorities
  • Prioritize your needs, shoulds, and wants

Segment 3: The Final Word w/ Jerry Robinson


Jerry closes out today’s show with a warning about the unintended, yet inevitable, result of allowing fear to govern our lives.

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