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July 4th DUI Checkpoint – Caught on Video – Drug Dog Search without Consent

July 5, 2013

I was waiting for videos like this one to surface after the Department of Homeland Security held a major ‘top secret’ full scale terrorist drill, dubbed Operation Independence, on July 4. However, this video was made by a 21 year old male who was accosted at a DUI checkpoint yesterday.

The video above was uploaded to Youtube by the kid in the vehicle. Here are his words:

Rutherford County Sheriff’s Deputy AJ Ross orders me to pull over and get out of my car, bullies me around, gets the drug sniffing K-9, lies about me having “Illegal Drugs” in the car, searches without consent, and tells me that it is ok to take away my freedom. All while not being detained. All this harassment because my window was not lowered enough to his preference. I broke no laws whatsoever. All of this on a day that we are supposed to be celebrating freedom and liberty. This checkpoint was in Murfreesboro, TN. At the end of the encounter, the officer did not want to give me his name when I asked him. After I repeatedly asked him, he finally gave it to me.”

In case you didn’t hear about the full scale terrorist drill held across the nation on July 4th, called Operation Independence, check out the 2 minute news clip below.

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