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Jerry Robinson’s Daily News Highlights – 8/30/12

August 30, 2012

Important news headlines with occasional commentary by Jerry Robinson.

Economic Crisis/Investing

CNBC: S&P 500 slides below 1400 on the eve of the Fed’s Jackson Hole meeting

Wayne Allyn Root @ FoxNews: Why we are on the brink of the greatest Depression of all time

Trang Ho @ IBD: Here’s Five Country ETFs Defying Global Weakness

Politics/Geopolitics RNC SHAM 2012 Video: “Assault on America’s Last Statesman”

RNC: Video Tribute to Ron Paul at the GOP Convention… But the Robama crowd should have played this one instead to show their true colors.

Jeff Greenfield @ The Daily Ticker: Paul Ryan’s Speech Was Filled With Economic Inaccuracies (VIDEO)

Cenk Uygur @ Huffington Post: The Real Convention is on Romney Yacht

Stratrisks: Will the next oil and gas rush take place in the South China Sea?

Youtube: POLICE STATE 2012: Video Shows Cop Kicking Defenseless Man in the Throat

Jerry Robinson is the author of Bankruptcy of our Nation and the founder of

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