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Jerry Robinson: There is ‘No Bubble in Gold’

January 14, 2011


HOUSTON, Jan. 14 – As the financial markets in the United States have appeared to be strengthening due to a perceived “recovery,” some analysts are speculating that the bull market in precious metals may be running out of steam. But according to FTMDaily’s, Jerry Robinson, those who are calling a top in gold and silver are dead wrong.

In a recent interview with Robinson, he explained that the best days of the precious metals markets still lie ahead.

“What makes these prognostications about gold or silver being in a bubble absurd is the ever increasing threat of price inflation breathing down the neck of Western countries. In 2011, we are anticipating rising costs in several areas. These areas include the cost of food, energy, clothing, and health insurance and medical costs, just to name a few. Historically, times of increasing inflation have driven the price of precious metals upwards, not down. Gold is a barometer of the economic environment. When crisis is coming, investors move their assets to the safety provided by gold and silver. The only ones who don’t get this are those who are bought and paid for by Wall Street. They are in an eternal struggle to fight any asset class that slows the flow of money into their precious mutual funds.”

Robinson added that while many analysts may be hoping for a collapse in gold, they are greatly mistaken.

“Betting against precious metals right now may be the most absurd thing I have ever heard. Policymakers are barely holding onto the controls of their respective nations. Meanwhile they are pumping freshly printed money out the door as fast as they can. The nations are a wreck. Any investor who believes the lies coming out of Wall Street, or their puppets in the mainstream media, should be warned.”

Robinson also pointed out that talk of a bubble in gold was overblown due to the sheer lack of investor participation in the metal.

“Participation in the gold market has been remarkably low over the last 10 years of this bull market. Gold is far from being a mainstream asset class. There is no frenzy. Ask around and you will find out that most people who believe that gold is in a bubble are those who do not own any. And they are the majority.”

On Saturday, January 15, Robinson and his staff will be releasing their quarterly economic forecasting newsletter, FTM Quarterly. In this issue, Robinson will layout his price forecasts for precious metals in 2011. His 2010 forecasts were met and surpassed.

Additionally,the newsletter will outline the investments that Robinson and his team expect to outperform the markets in 2011. In 2010, the FTM Investment Portfolio had total returns of 24.15% and all of its holdings ended the year in positive territory. FTM Quarterly newsletter subscribers have full access to the Portfolio and also receive real-time portfolio ‘buy’ and ‘sell’ alerts.

About is a financial education and media company that seeks to help individuals understand how the global economy and geopolitical events affect them and their families. Learn more at

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