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Is This the Calm Before the Storm?

June 1, 2013

    America Distracted by Cheap Money as World War 3 Looms - Subscribe to the Follow the Money Podcast Through iTunesAmerica Distracted by Cheap Money as World War 3 Looms - Subscribe to the Follow the Money Podcast RSS FeedAmerica Distracted by Cheap Money as World War 3 Looms - Listen to Follow the Money Weekly Radio on Stitcher


    SHOW NOTES – Is This the Calm Before the Storm?

    Plus, an update on silver and palladium from Tom Cloud



    Major Announcement from Jerry Robinson


    In Segment One, Jerry announces an exciting addition to our Gold member membership. INTRODUCING JERRY ROBINSON’S DAILY STOCK TRADING IDEAS!!

    Every morning before the opening bell of the market, our FTM Insiders receive Jerry’s top stock trading idea for the day, complete with his Buy price and Stop Loss price. Here is how the trades have performed recently.

    Jerry Robinson's Daily Trigger Trade Performance

    DateTickerTrigger PriceStop LossStatusPerformance
    5/22/13FLT$85.68$78.83UP 2% FROM TRIGGER
    BOUGHT 5/29/13
    5/20/13OPEN$65.12$59.99BOUGHT 5/20/13
    SOLD 5/22/13
    7.18% Profit
    5/17/13MTZ$32.68$30.18BOUGHT 5/17/13
    SOLD 5/22/13
    2.45% Profit
    5/14/13AMGN$107.59$101.68TRIGGERED IN FIRST 30 MINUTES
    5/13/13CELG$128.62$118.33BOUGHT 5/13/13
    SOLD 5/13/13
    0.8% Profit
    5/10/13CAB$68.33$62.59 on 5/10/13
    $66.40 on 5/17/13
    BOUGHT 5/13/13
    SOLD 5/21/13
    4.6% Profit
    5/9/13VVUS$13.44$12.24BOUGHT 5/13/13
    STOPPED OUT 5/17/13
    8.9% LOSS
    5/7/13CBS$48.02$46.25 on 5/7/13
    $48.02 on 5/17/13
    BOUGHT 5/13/13
    SOLD 5/29/13
    5.7% Profit
    5/6/13MDCO$35.05$32.65 on 5/6/13
    $35.05 on 5/10/13
    BOUGHT 5/9/13
    STOPPED OUT 5/21/13
    5/6/13ALK$64.65$59.48 on 5/6/13
    $64.65 on 5/8/13
    BOUGHT 5/6/13
    STOPPED OUT 5/14/13
    4/30/13ATVI$15.12$14.79BOUGHT 5/3/13
    SOLD 5/6/13
    1% Profit
    4/11/13MDCO$32.78$31.60 on 4/11/13
    $35.05 on 5/10/13
    BOUGHT 4/11/13
    STOPPED OUT 5/21/13
    4/2/13RT$8.01$7.64BOUGHT 4/10/13
    SOLD 5/7/13
    21% Profit
    4/1/13DDD$32.51$31.47BOUGHT 4/1/13
    SOLD 4/1/13
    1.9% Profit
    3/28/13UNF$90.51$89.14BOUGHT 3/28/13
    SOLD 3/28/13
    1.1% Profit
    3/27/13FCFS$57.32$56.47BOUGHT 3/27/13
    SOLD 3/27/13
    1.27% Profit
    3/27/13WOR$31.19$30.63BOUGHT 3/27/13
    STOPPED OUT 4/1/13
    1.8% LOSS
    3/14/13ICON$24.80$24.13BOUGHT 3/14/13
    SOLD 5/8/13
    17.8% Profit
    3/8/13MRC$30.26$29.88BOUGHT 3/8/13
    SOLD 3/8/13
    1.15% Profit
    3/7/13HEES$20.16$19.98BOUGHT 3/7/13
    SOLD 3/15/13
    1.98% Profit
    3/6/13FRGI$24.12$23.81BOUGHT 3/6/13
    STOPPED OUT 3/6/13
    1.3% LOSS
    3/1/13CEB$54.39$53.88BOUGHT 3/1/13
    SOLD 3/1/13
    1.45% Profit
    3/1/13CBI$54.53$53.35BOUGHT 3/1/13
    SOLD 4/1/13
    11.39% Profit
    2/25/13NKTR$9.47$9.13BOUGHT 2/25/13
    STOPPED OUT 2/25/13
    3.72% LOSS
    (Warning: High Risk)
    $2.08$1.75BOUGHT 2/25/13
    SOLD 2/25/13
    1.92% LOSS
    2/20/13EXP$69.24$67.34BOUGHT 3/5/13
    SOLD 3/8/13
    3.36% Profit
    2/19/13SATS$39.13$38.41ADDED TO 2/8/13 POSITION
    BOUGHT 2/19/13
    SOLD 2/20/13
    1.07% Profit
    2/14/13CLF$30.12$28.99BOUGHT 2/14/13
    STOPPED OUT 2/15/13
    3.75% LOSS
    2/14/13LGF$20.42$19.65 on 2/14/13
    $23.10 on 5/2/13
    BOUGHT 2/14/13
    SOLD 5/21/13
    35.9% Profit
    2/14/13CMCSA$40.32$38.96BOUGHT 2/14/13
    SOLD 2/19/13
    2.8% Profit
    2/13/13CYNO$28.65$27.68BOUGHT 2/13/13
    1.57% LOSS
    2/8/13SATS$38.71$38.04BOUGHT 2/8/13
    SOLD 2/20/13
    2.17% Profit
    2/4/13SODA$49.88$46.82BOUGHT 2/6/13
    SOLD 2/19/13
    5.13% Profit
    2/4/13BOFI$33.01$31.99 on 2/4/13
    BOUGHT 2/4/13
    SOLD 5/9/13
    25.4% Profit
    1/11/13FEIC$58.07$56.99BOUGHT 1/11/13
    1/10/13VR$35.15$35.82BOUGHT 1/10/131.9% Profit
    1/7/13GEVA$48.01$48.99BOUGHT 1/7/13
    SOLD 1/7/13
    2.04% Profit
    1/7/13ALKS$20.62$21.23BOUGHT 1/7/13
    SOLD 1/7/13
    2.9% Profit
    1/3/13NOV$70.69OPENBOUGHT 1/3/13
    1/3/13RGR$46.22$48.09BOUGHT 1/3/13
    SOLD 1/3/13
    4.04% Profit
    1/2/13BGCP$3.61$3.73+3.32%3.32% Profit
    12/20/12SAPE$10.86$11.17+2.85%2.85% Profit
    12/20/12KORS$54.07$55.17+2.03%2.03% Profit
    12/19/12PGR$21.49$22.05+2.6%2.6% Profit
    12/19/12NOV$69.08$70.85+2.56%2.56% Profit
    12/19/12SDRL$37.88$38.13+0.65%0.65% Profit
    12/18/12EWJ$9.52$9.96+4.62%4.62% Profit
    11/26/12DAL$9.91$9.82-0.91%0.91% LOSS
    11/20/12JBHT$59.86$61.47+2.69%2.69% Profit
    11/9/12LVS$43.02$43.76+1.72%1.72% Profit
    11/6/12AIV$26.18$26.06-0.46%0.46% LOSS
    11/6/12ADSK$32.29$31.93-1.12%1.12% LOSS
    11/6/12PBI$12.96$12.68-2.2%2.2% LOSS
    11/6/12MMR$12.64$12.55-0.71%0.71% LOSS
    10/18/12LUFK$56.78$57.51+1.29%1.29% Profit
    10/17/12GDP$13.27$13.68+3.09%3.09% Profit
    10/17/12F$10.39$10.27-1.15%1.15% LOSS
    10/11/12BIOS$9.78$9.53-2.62%2.62% LOSS
    10/10/12CRK$20.57$20.85+1.36%1.36% Profit
    10/8/12ALXA$5.62$5.86+4.27%4.27% Profit
    10/5/12MTGE$25.7914% DIVIDEND PLAYOPEN
    10/4/12SWI$56.92$58.13+2.12%2.12% Profit
    10/4/12ALGN$38.32$38.87+1.44%1.44% Profit
    10/3/12PII$81.41$84.82+4.19%4.19% Profit
    10/2/12CMCSA$35.75$36.37+1.73%1.73% Profit
    10/1/12KGC$10.36$10.61+2.41%2.41% Profit
    10/1/12END$9.85$9.95+1.01%1.01% Profit
    10/1/12LMT$93.81$94.84+1.1%1.1% Profit
    9/27/12FXEN$7.61$7.28-4.53%4.53% LOSS
    9/26/12DPZ$36.21$38.34+5.88%5.88% Profit
    9/25/12HLIT$4.81$4.58-5.02%5.02% LOSS
    9/25/12K$51.92$52.10+0.34%0.34% Profit
    9/20/12SIMG$4.75$4.64-2.37%2.37% LOSS
    9/20/12HNSN$2.09$1.81-15.46%15.46% LOSS
    9/20/12SWFT$8.56$8.74+2.1%2.1% Profit
    9/18/12NVS$60.26$61.14+1.46%1.46% Profit
    9/18/12SNE$13.22$12.73-3.84%3.84% LOSS
    9/17/12AMRS$3.67$3.77+2.72%2.72% Profit
    9/14/12S$5.29$5.56+5.1%5.1% Profit
    9/14/12AMD$3.99$3.96-0.78%0.78% LOSS
    9/13/12ETFC$9.43$9.56+1.38%1.38% Profit
    9/13/12KERX$2.41$2.83+17.43%17.43% Profit
    9/13/12BPZ$3.05$3.02-0.99%0.99% LOSS
    9/13/12ARCO$13.93$13.97+0.29%0.29% Profit
    9/13/12MCP$12.58$12.74+1.28%1.28% Profit
    9/12/12TC$3.40$3.43+0.9%0.9% Profit
    9/12/12PPC$5.41$5.46+0.9%0.9% Profit
    9/12/12ATML$6.36$6.33-0.5%0.5% LOSS
    9/12/12NRF$6.13$6.21+1.3%1.3% Profit
    9/12/12PRKR$2.57$2.77+8.62%8.62% Profit
    9/12/12LSCC$4.32$4.41+2.1%2.1% Profit
    9/11/12FBR$8.52$8.65+1.5%1.5% Profit
    9/11/12LXK$22.01$22.32+1.41%1.41% Profit
    9/11/12ECA$22.28$23.04+3.41%3.41% Profit
    9/7/12BRKR$12.81$13.14+2.57%2.57% Profit
    9/7/12NR$7.66$7.75+1.2%1.2% Profit
    9/5/12ACHN$7.19$7.16-0.4%0.4% LOSS
    9/4/12GDXJ$22.06$24.93+13.01%13.01% Profit
    9/4/12SIL$21.78$25.28+16.06%16.06% Profit
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    Precious Metals Market Update – Tom Cloud

    Later, Tom Cloud gives us his perspective on the latest news in the gold, silver, and palladium markets. Gold was back up over $1,400 mid-week and ended the week at $1,388. Silver, meanwhile, was basically flat for the week, although it reached near $22.65 on Thursday. Palladium has had a great month, up almost 9% over the last 30 trading days. Find out what Tom Cloud thinks about the metals in this week’s Precious Metals Market Update.




    An Interview with John Rubino of DollarCollapse

    Finally, John Rubino of the popular website joins Jerry to discuss the recent rally in solar energy. John is the co-author, along with James Turk, of The Collapse of the Dollar and How to Profit From It (2007), and author of Clean Money: Picking Winners in the Green-Tech Boom (Wiley, 2008). John is a regular guest on Follow the Money Radio, and he also speaks with our Gold member Community from time-to-time on our Weekly Conference Call. Learn how you can join the Conference Call live every week.


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    John Bearss – Retirement Specialist

    John Bearss - Retirement Income to Last a Lifetime - Annuities and Life InsuranceFifty-four percent of surveyed investors are concerned that increasing life spans will result in them outliving their savings, according to Blackrock’s “Investor Pulse” survey. Sixty-two percent of investors polled said they are concerned about having enough income from investments to live comfortably in retirement. Creating a stream of income that you cannot outlive is vital for retirees in the low interest rate environment we are in today. Listen as John explains.
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