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Is FoxNews Really “Looking Out For You?”

January 7, 2012

    Just prior to the Iowa caucuses, it was reported that billionaire media mogul, Rupert Murdoch, had endorsed Republican Presidential hopeful, Rick Santorum. Incidentally, Murdoch owns News Corporation (which controls FoxNews.)

    If you haven't studied the rise of FoxNews in its influence over the neoconservatives and its manipulation of the evangelical community, it is simply fascinating. We will save that story for another day. Suffice it to say that there has never been a better descriptive phrase than television "programming."

    Murdoch runs one of the five multinational corporations that control virtually 90% of what passes for news in our country. Somehow, FoxNews has convinced the evangelical community that they are a "good" and "virtuous" news organization that report the "real" news. It is simply amazing. The truth is, FoxNews is no different than any of the other corporate-controlled media outlets. They are all driven by the profit motive which flies in the face of true journalism. It is impossible to be objective when your masters are shareholders and your motive is the bottom line. Needless to say, I am a strong supporter of alternative media and journalism. And I hope that our work here at has contributed in some small way to delivering real information. At least our reports and information do not have to be "corporate approved."

    To most thinking people, the corporate controlled media has lost all credibility. And yet, amazingly, FoxNews has somehow been able to separate itself from the pack to brand itself as a "purveryor of truth." I can't make up my mind what is more unbelievable: 1) That FoxNews can keep a straight face or 2) that the evangelical community actually believes it.

    Absurd as it may sound, evangelicals actually believe that FoxNews is their ally. In some perverse ways, this may be true. However, the cost of that alliance is higher than what it is worth in my opinion.

    The modern corporate-controlled mainstream media is not your friend. They are not "looking out for you." They are corporations. Their incentive is profit-based. They are in business to manipulate you, to take your money, and to push the agenda of the elites whom they serve.

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