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Webinar: “The Fundamentals of Precious Metals Investing” – Watch Now

April 22, 2011

    Description: Everyday it seems, gold and silver prices just keep going up. But is precious metals investing just a fad? Gold prices have been rising for 11 consecutive years. Is gold just in a classic bubble phase that is getting ready to pop? And why has silver made new 31-year highs dozens of times already this year? In this highly important 90 minute webinar, FTMDaily's Chief Economic Strategist, Jerry Robinson, and veteran precious metals advisor, Tom Cloud, join up to bring you a dynamic free online presentation that will answer these questions and more. Topics include: An update on the U.S. Dollar (plus, Jerry's forecast on how the Federal Reserve is going to act in the near future.) The hard facts on how China and other emerging nations are impacting supply and demand for precious metals (and how these changes will affect prices.) How you can add physical precious metals to your IRA (Wall Street and most financial advisors never talk about this topic…) Why silver prices are set to explode! (And the best way for you profit from them.) The shocking news that Tom is hearing from his global suppliers (We'll give you the full details) What you should know about palladium (And how this metal can be a great addition to your portfolio.) Plus, there will be a special time for your questions in our viewer Q&A segment. We hope that you enjoy this important and eye-opening presentation!

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