PODCAST: Former Neo-Nazi Speaks Out on Charlottesville Terror

Former Neo-Nazi Speaks Out on Charlottesville Terror

Former Neo-Nazi Speaks Out on Charlottesville Terror
Welcome to Follow the Money Radio! In today’s broadcast, Christian economist and best-selling author Jerry Robinson speaks with published author, Christian Picciolini, who has been sounding the alarm about rising racism in America for years from a uniquely qualified vantage point – he is a former leader of a white supremacist group. Also, Tom Cloud and Jerry analyze the U.S. economy and the future of gold and silver. Listen to “Former Neo-Nazi Speaks Out on Charlottesville Terror” on Spreaker. Subscribe on iTunes | Download

Segment 1: Interview with Former Neo-Nazi, Christian Picciolini

Segment begins at 01:10

Christian Picciolini is an award-winning director and producer, published author of Romantic Violence: Memoirs of an American Skinhead, and co-founder of Life After Hate, a nonprofit helping people disengage from hate and violent extremism. In this segment, he offers Jerry a very interesting perspective of the deadly racial violence in Charlottesville last week and President Trump’s concerning response.

  • America’s institutions have been built to promote “white glory”
  • Where’s the funding for combating American domestic terrorism?
  • Claims of over 300,000 armed militia men preparing for a race war
  • The urgent need to find common ground
  • The pro-segregation history of the Christian evangelical church
  • The vital role of the faith community

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Segment 2: Precious Metals Market Update

Segment begins at 17:12
Tom Cloud

With over 40 years of market experience, precious metals expert Tom Cloud joins us for a discussion of gold and silver prices and the soaring popularity of cryptocurrency. Topics include:

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  • President Trump’s inability to keep his promises
  • What’s happened to the gold/dollar price differential?
  • Rumors of cryptocurrency backed by gold and silver coming out of England
  • The gold buying spree in Asia has boosted prices overseas
  • So, what’s going on with silver anyway?

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Segment 3: The Final Word

Segment begins at 36:45

Jerry Robinson closes out today’s show with heartfelt bewilderment at the “so-called Christian nation’s utter impotence in the face of such evil,” referring to America’s deep-rooted racism. He sends out a sincere call for all to show love and not hate, with an emphasis on the timeless truth that God is love.

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