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Do You Have An Escape Plan?

August 3, 2013

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    SHOW NOTES – 8/3/13

    Preparing for the Collapse – What’s Your Escape Plan?

    Plus, Tom Cloud’s Update on Gold and Silver

    Hit the play button above and read along below…



    NSA Update + What’s Your Escape Plan?

    Washington has emerged with two primary responses to the entire Edward Snowden-Russia-NSA-game…

    1. To express outrage and demand further transparency.

    2. To express outrage at the leaks of top secret information. This response, I believe, is both disingenuous and damning, as it suggests that congress places the concept of public safety far beyond that of personal liberty.

    This government should serve only one master: the American voter. This nation should demand a public referendum against the draconian measures that have been imposed upon the American public covertly.

    There are some hard things coming and I want you to be prepared.

    1. A solar flare EMP nearly knocked the earth back into the stone age just two weeks ago.

    2. Our sun is acting strange.

    3. The world’s military forces are posturing themselves for all out war.

    4. Your government has been secretly watching you without your knowledge or consent, and they have also been storing up ammunition and guns. Meanwhile, posse comitatus has been violated numerous times and now our nation’s military operates openly in public venues.

    5. Our police have become militarized. (Just look at the videos of the Boston bombing.)

    If something were to happen in your town, do you have an escape plan? Jerry provides several strategies for preparing for an uncertain future.

    Later, Jennifer reports on FTMDaily’s Top 15 Retreat Cities in the United States.


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    Precious Metals Market Update – An Interview with Precious Metals Advisor, Tom Cloud >>

    Precious Metals Market Update - An Interview with Precious Metals Advisor, Tom Cloud

    Tom Cloud joins us for his weekly Precious Metals Update. In this segment, Tom provides an update on gold and silver. Through pure deception and dishonesty, Jack Lew, the head of the US Treasury, claims the government has been able to balance the budget for four months. But at the same time, Bernanke has completed $53 million in new treasury purchases. READ MORE HERE.


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