Economic and Geopolitical Update

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SHOW NOTES – Economic and Geopolitical Update

Plus, a market update for precious metals investors


Jerry Robinson begins this week’s show with a precious metals update from Tom Cloud. Tom explains the geopolitical forces behind the events that are unfolding in Cyprus. Tom also highlights the coming investor shift out of the bond market which will increase investment demand for gold. Tom remains strongly bullish on platinum and palladium. Tom believes that the shortages affecting these metals will continue to drive prices higher in 2013. Silver, however, needs to close above $29.50 for him to issue a firm buy signal.

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Later, Jerry provides our listeners with a sneak peek our members-only weekly conference call. Every Wednesday at 12:00pm CST, Jerry Robinson leads a live conference call exclusively for our FTM Insiders. FTM Insiders have access to over a year’s worth of Jerry’s weekly conference calls on a large variety of topics including: trading strategies, investing tips, income ideas, etc.

On this week’s show, you will hear a clip from last week’s FTM Insider conference call which includes an interview with best-selling author, John Rubino. Rubino runs the popular financial news website,



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John Bearss – Retirement Specialist

John Bearss - Retirement Income to Last a Lifetime - Annuities and Life InsuranceThis week, Retirement Specialist John Bearss answers a listener question: Should I Buy Whole Life Insurance or an Annuity For My Grandchildren?

John uses his 26+ years of retirement planning experience to examine the pros and cons of both savings vehicles and provides his insights.

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