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Jerry Robinson’s Daily News Highlights – 8/29/12

August 29, 2012

    Important news headlines with occasional commentary by Jerry Robinson.

    Economic Crisis

    Dominique @ Beacon Equity: Will the Fed Crash the Markets Before Launching QE3?

    Oliver Tree @ IB Times: A New Run On The Banks? Spaniards Pulling Cash Out At Record Rates

    Bill Bonner @ The Daily Reckoning: On Nazi Economics


    BBC: Allegations that four self-described “patriotic” U.S. troops plotted to overthrow the government and assassinate President Obama with an aim to “give the government back to the people.”

    AP: Iran’s call for nuclear arms ban by 2025 practically ignored by the warmongering mainstream media

    Stratrisks: The U.S. offers to give Azerbaijan the Northern area of Iran as “spoils” in exchange for participation in war

    Paul Joseph Watson @ Infowars: True Colors: Hot mic catches Republican praising censorship of Ron Paul (VIDEO)

    Alistair Bell @ Reuters: More True Colors: Two removed from Republican convention for tossing nuts at black camerawoman; “This is how we feed animals…”

    Lew @ Ron Paul & Family Left the GOP Snake Pit in Tampa Yesterday… But Not Before Getting Hassled By TSA Goons

    Sam Stein @ Huffingtonpost: Why is former President George W. Bush nowhere to be found at the RNC events this week? Hmm…

    Al Arabiya: A new report that Egypt rejected U.S. demands to fire on an Iranian ship en route to Syria.

    Harriet Sherwood @ The Guardian-UK: Israel breaks silence over army abuses; Ex-soldiers admit to appalling violence against Palestinian children.

    Jerry Robinson is the author of Bankruptcy of our Nation and the founder of

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