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Currency Ratings Report – May 2015 Update (PDF)

May 3, 2015

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    Global Currency Monitor

    Foreign Currency Investing Simplified

    A currency rating system for those seeking to diversify away from the U.S. dollar.

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    Foreign currency investing can be intimidating. After all, the forex markets are impacted by exchange rates, interest rates, and even the very whims of central bankers. In such a complex world, knowing which foreign currencies to purchase — and when — can seem virtually impossible!


    Introducing the Global Currency Monitor

    Our unique and proprietary system tracks and rates nine of the world’s most stable foreign currencies. Each month, our subscribers receive these up-to-date ratings in our Global Currency Ratings Report.

    Whether you are purchasing foreign currencies in order to diversify some of your savings away from the U.S. dollar, or are just needing help converting a large sum of money from one currency to another, the Global Currency Monitor can help.


    australia_round_icon_64Australian Dollar

    Australia’s economy is heavily based upon key commodities, like gold and energy.

    singapore_round_icon_64Singapore Dollar

    Because Singapore’s economy is heavily dependent upon trade, its currency seeks to remain competitive in the world economy.

    china_round_icon_64Chinese Yuan

    The Chinese Yuan (also known as the Chinese Renminbi) is one way to play the massive rise in the world’s second largest economy.

    united_kingdom_round_icon_64British Pound

    The British Pound has a long history of stability and has plenty of trading volume.


    The Euro, an experimental currency, is currently used by 17 nations within the Eurozone area and is becoming a direct competitor to the U.S. Dollar in world trade.

    sweden_round_icon_64 (1)Swedish Krona

    Sweden’s economy is widely diversified and operates according to a unique public-private partnership financial model.

    canada_round_icon_64Canadian Dollar

    Canada’s vast natural resource wealth makes it a popular commodity currency.

    japan_round_icon_64Japanese Yen

    The Japanese Yen is an extremely popular currency among global traders and represents the world’s third largest national economy.

    switzerland_round_icon_64Swiss Franc

    Long considered one of the world’s safest currencies, the Swiss Franc remains a stable currency in a world that increasing filled with excessive amounts of risk.


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