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CHART: Our China Trade is Up 62% in 5 Months

April 7, 2015

    Today’s chart is free and open to the public.

    Chart of the Day: Daily Investment Trends for the Savvy Investor“Daily Economic/Investment Trends for the Savvy Investor”


    CHART: Our China Trade is Up 62% in 5 Months

    CHART: Our China Trade is Up 62% in 5 Months

    Just as we predicted, Chinese stocks are soaring in 2015.

    Back on November 11, 2014, we released a podcast entitled: It’s Time to Buy China. (You can listen to the podcast and read the show notes here.)

    This is what I said on that podcast:

    “Put simply, Chinese stocks are long overdue for a rally. And with top financial institutions planning a whole array of new Chinese ETFs, the international demand for Chinese stocks will likely improve in the coming months.

    I added to my position in Chinese stocks this morning. I am using an ETF that gives me exposure to the Chinese stocks that I feel will benefit the most from the coming boom. (All paid subscribers now have access to the name of this ETF here.)

    That ETF was the Deutsche X-trackers Harvest CSI 300 China A-Shares ETF (Ticker: ASHR).

    Subscribers who joined me in buying Chinese stocks back in November are now up over 60%just five months later!

    Later on Feb 17, three months later after our first buy alert, I told our paid subscribers that I was adding even more shares of ASHR at $36.01.

    Since then, ASHR has continued to climb higher.

    While I am still bullish on Chinese stocks, now is probably not the best time to add shares of ASHR.

    However, if you want to know when I plan on adding more shares of ASHR, or if you want full access to all of our investing and income ideas, I urge you to consider becoming a member of FTMDaily.

    Our subscribers know that we consistently offer some of the best investing and income insights available anywhere.

    Join us today. See our plans and pricing options here.

    Until tomorrow,
    Jerry Robinson


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    Real-Time Market Update

    (Courtesy of

    Investor Wire: Trends to Watch for the Savvy Investor

    • SAUDI TERROR. Saudi military terrorizes Yemen as civilian death toll soars. (CNN)

    • SUMMERS ADMITS U.S. ECONOMIC CROWN LOST. Harvard Pres. Larry Summers declares the U.S. is no longer global economic leader. (

    • PENTAGON LOSES ANOTHER $45 BILLION. When will Americans demand fiscal accountability from the military-industrial complex? (Medium)

    • FED SENDS MIXED MESSAGES. Fed backpedals on interest rate hike timing. (Reuters)


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