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PODCAST: Are You Ready For The “Green Gold Rush”?

March 20, 2019


With cannabis still illegal in the U.S. despite growing calls for deregulation and even legalization, now could be one of the best opportunities to begin building an investment portfolio of high-quality stocks that will benefit from the inevitable shift in U.S. and global laws towards cannabis. Join Jerry and Jennifer Robinson for a discussion of the tremendous profit potential in this rare opportunity for individual investors.

Show Notes

Segment 1: The Global Cannabis Boom
Segment begins at 00:45

On today’s broadcast, Jerry and Jennifer Robinson discuss the potential for the burgeoning cannabis industry and share ideas on how you can profit from the global boom.

  • Cannabis is ultimately a commodity
  • It is a non-lethal pain relief alternative to opioids
  • Hemp farming is as old as the Mayflower
  • Henry Anslinger began a racially-motivated campaign to demonize cannabis in the 1930s
  • There is considerable conclusive evidence that cannabis has tremendous medical properties
  • Three reasons why legal U.S. cannabis could explode higher in the coming years
  • Global growth estimate of the cannabis market is potentially $200 billion
  • This is one of those rare opportunities for individual investors to be positioned before the institutional money arrives
  • Important factors to consider when researching cannabis stocks
  • Our 2019 Cannabis Investment Report has done the research for you!

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Segment 2: The Final Word
Segment begins at 31:59

Jerry closes out today’s show with an inspiring quote about the immense value of our decisions on the road to success, and offers words of kindness to the discouraged.

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