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4 Ways to Make Money Online

July 27, 2012

One of the most common questions that we get here at FTMDaily is how to make money online. Since its invention, the world wide web has revolutionized our world and has become an amazing vehicle for wealth creation. Just think of Google, Amazon, Facebook, and Ebay to name a few. But what about the little guy? What if you just need to make some quick cash to help make ends meet? Or what if you want to make a few extra bucks every month? What can you do to make money online? I have put together a quick list of 4 ways to make money online. Any of these can be done in your spare time and none of them should cost you much at all.

1. Sell your stuff on I literally paid for most of my college expenses by selling books, CD’s, and movies on Amazon. The key is to figure out what’s hot and what’s not. To get started, just open an account and start uploading your product inventory. Its quick and much easier than Ebay. Think about that box of books in the attic or those DVD’s or CD’s that sit there collecting dust. Put them on Amazon and make some money instead! Get all the details here.

2. Get Paid to Write Informative Articles on Do you like to write? In the internet age, content is king. Many websites are willing to pay a small fee for your writing skills. One of the best websites to write for is This one requires a college degree or similar experience and a proven writing capability. Learn more about

3. Complete Offers and Take Surveys on Cashcrate. When I first heard about Cashcrate back in 2006, I figured it was just another online scam that didn’t work. However, six years later, this company is still growing strong with over 2 million global users who earn a small steady income for spending a few hours a month completing online offers, watching online videos, and taking surveys. So, what’s the catch? Companies are always looking for new users to try their products and services, and they are willing to pay people like you to do just that. Cashcrate brings many of those companies to you and allows you to earn money by taking part in daily research surveys and referring other members to the program. You won’t get rich, but if you just want to earn a few extra bucks each week, it is definitely worth a look. Learn more about Cashcrate here.

4. Start Your Own Blog and Monetize it with Google Ads in 5 Steps I have used this method time and time again to create income. My wife and I have created dozens of websites that generate income each and every month with Google Ads. Many of them are on the first page of Google for high traffic search terms.

Step 1: Buy a domain name. (

Step 2: Sign up for a cheap web hosting plan.. (This is normally $7 per month. To get a better price (as low as $1.99/month), see our latest web hosting promo codes.

Step 3: Sign up for Google Adsense. (If you already have a Google account, just use it to create the account.)

Step 4: Create a free website with WordPress. (This literally takes 5 minutes. I have created a simple 5 minute video that shows how to do this. It is available for free to anyone who uses our above affiliate links to set up their domain and their hosting. Drop me a line at when you are ready for the video.)

Step 5: Start creating content. Write articles, product reviews, commentaries, etc. Don’t forget to copy and paste your Google Adsense code into your new website. You can learn about the best places to put your Google ads on your website here.

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