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Mastercard Stock Price Nearing New Buy Signal

April 17, 2014

    UP 1600% SINCE 2007…

    Mastercard Stock Price Nearing New Buy Signal

    Mastercard Stock Price Nearing New Buy Signal – As a trader, I am always looking for opportunities in the financial markets. This morning, while preparing today’s briefing, I noticed that our Trigger Trading system was flashing a new potential buy signal for Mastercard stock. I have been eagerly awaiting another buy signal on Mastercard. Investors who first bought Mastercard stock after it went public back in 2006 are sitting on some massive gains. (Nearly 1600%!)

    However, Mastercard has been pulling back since the beginning of 2014 and appears to have found support near the $70 level.

    The last buy signal that our Trigger Trading system identified on Mastercard was back in September 2013 when the stock was trading at a split-adjusted price of $62. Four months after our September buy signal, the stock rose more than 30%!

    Now, our trading system shows that Mastercard is nearing yet another buy signal.

    Check out the chart below…

    Mastercard Stock Price Nearing New Buy Signal

    As you can see from the above chart, our trading system is fairly simple. We have a Tripwire, a Trigger, and a Confirmation. When it all lines up, we buy!

    First, we ignore all stocks until they “TRIP.” This happens when they dip into the GREEN zone in the TRIPWIRE area.

    Once the stock “trips” we wait for the TRIGGER to occur. The Trigger happens when the black line crosses ABOVE the gray line.

    Finally, the “Trigger” is only considered valid if the stock confirms. This happens when the stock is in the GREEN zone of Confirmation #1.

    According to our Trigger Trade system, all of these events will occur when the stock price reaches $75.48. Put simply, when Mastercard stock reaches $75.48, I will buy shares with a profit potential of 7%-10% over the next few weeks.

    However, if Mastercard doesn’t reach its trigger price of $75.48 within the next 10 trading sessions, this trading idea will expire.

    This is just one of the many trading ideas that are available to our FTM Insiders. In fact, our Insiders receive a new trading idea generated by our Trigger Trading system every morning before the market opens.

    You can learn more about our trading system here.

    Until Monday,
    Jerry Robinson

    Note: FTMDaily’s offices will be closed for Good Friday. There will be no Daily Briefing or Trigger Trade on Friday, April 18 and no FTMWeekly podcast on Resurrection Sunday. Our offices will re-open on Monday, April 21. Have a wonderful weekend!

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