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Next Market Crash Looms as Yellen Promises to ‘Stay the Course’

February 12, 2014



    Next Market Crash Looms as Yellen Promises to ‘Stay the Course’

    Yesterday morning, new Fed Chairwoman Janet Yellen delivered her first prepared remarks as Fed Chief before the House Financial Services Committee. You can read the entire testimony here, but here are just a few quick takeaways.

  • The new chair of the Federal Reserve, Janet Yellen, promises to stay the course with no abrupt changes in current policy.
  • If the U.S. economy keeps improving, the Fed will take “further measured steps” to reduce its money-printing.
  • Yellen signalled that interest rates would remain low indefinitely.
  • Yellen said she believes the recent volatility in global financial markets does “not pose a substantial risk to the U.S. economic outlook”.
  • ON JOBS: Yellen sees improving U.S. jobs market, but adds that the ‘recovery’ is “far from complete”.
    WHAT JERRY THINKS: So, Ms. Yellen is “moderately” optimistic about the state of the U.S. economy, but believes we are not out of the woods yet. This is the same line that the Fed has been feeding us since this economic disaster first began unfold several years back. Yellen is a “dove” and will not hesitate to ratchet up the printing presses at a moment’s notice if she feels this “recovery” is in danger of being exposed for the fraud that it is. Both the U.S. and the global economies are in a perilous state. Debt levels remain at unsustainable highs while margin debt on the U.S. stock market is sitting at an all-time high. The U.S. labor market is in dire shape as clearly seen in the last two dismal jobs reports. We all know that the Fed can continue to prop up the markets… but for how long? The next market crash is looming. Check out this chart comparing current U.S. stock market behavior with the lead-up to the Crash of 1929.

    We are in very dangerous territory at current levels. All of our own market analysis is telling a grim story. No dates, no predictions, just a gentle reminder: Despite the hype being pumped out by the Fed, investors should be proceeding with extreme caution because the worst is still yet to come.

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    House Votes to Suspend Debt Limit Until March 2015

    Just 28 Republicans including House Speaker John Boehner voted for it, and two Democrats voted against it.

    China Exports Jump 10.6% in January, Tops Forecasts

    China’s exports grew 10.6 percent in January from the year-ago period, compared to a Reuters poll of economists forecasting a 2 percent growth.

    [VIDEO] Jim Grant: “Gold Is Nature’s Bitcoin”

    Grant calls gold “nature’s bitcoin” because it is “the reciprocal of faith in Central Banks.”

    Dean Foods Warns Milk Prices are Headed Even Higher

    Company warns that the milk industry faces a “very challenging environment” in the first half of 2014, and those challenges are going to be felt all along the food chain.

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    “World News Headlines That We Are Tracking”

    China and Taiwan Hold First Direct Talks Since 1949

    No official agenda was released for the talks, which are widely seen as a confidence-building exercise.

    Approaching Iranian Warships Raise EMP Threat

    Experts: U.S. ‘defenseless’ against high-altitude explosion.

    Thousands flock to ‘weeping’ Mary statue in Israel

    Nearly 2,000 people have flocked to a small town in northern Israel to view a statue of the Virgin Mary that residents say “weeps” oil.

    The Next Step: 3D Printing the Human Body

    As 3D printing advances at an astonishing rate, will it soon be possible to 3D print a human body?

    Sophisticated But Low-Tech Power Grid Attack in California Baffles Authorities

    Authorities don’t have a motive or suspects in the attack on a PG&E power substation in Silicon Valley last year, but ominous theories abound.

    Panicked Shoppers Fight Over Food Amid ‘Snowpocalypse’

    Empty shelves in Atlanta merely foreshadow future mass panic in America.

    Financial Freedom Bootcamp 2014 : Part 5
    Broadcast Every Saturday Morning – Hosted by Jerry Robinson

    Topic: The time to become financial prepared has never been greater than in 2014. Let’s talk about how YOU can become financially free.

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