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Federal Reserve Announces Another $10 Billion Cut to QE3

January 29, 2014


    Federal Reserve Announces Another $10 Billion Cut to QE3

    Federal Reserve Announces Another $10 Billion Cut to QE3; Stocks Plummet While Gold Jumps

    The Federal Reserve failed to surprise the markets today after announcing their unanimous decision to continue cutting their current money-printing campaign, known as QE3, by another $10 billion per month. This brings the Fed’s monthly bond purchases down to $65 billion in February from $75 billion in January. The Fed was apparently unfazed by last month’s dismal U.S. unemployment report and totally ignored the recent price dip impacting emerging markets over the last couple of weeks. This was Ben Bernanke’s final policy meeting after eight tumultuous years as Fed chief. Tomorrow, he will hand the reins over to Janet Yellen. Stocks reacted negatively to both the tapering news, and negative profit forecasts, with all three of the major U.S. indices falling by over 1%. Meanwhile, gold prices rose over 1% on the Fed decision.

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    “Profiting From the Coming Paper Money Collapse”

    WSJ: 5 Takeaways from Today’s FOMC Decision

    Jon Hilsenrath weighs in on today’s Fed’s announcement.

    [VIDEO] Fleckenstein: ‘Huge amount of downside’ in S&P

    Bill Fleckenstein says that when stocks do finally decline, they could drop by 30 percent.

    Bank Run Fears Escalate as Russian Lender Bans Cash Withdrawals

    Bloomberg reports that one of Russia’s top 200 lenders has introduced a complete ban on cash withdrawals until next week.

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    U.S. Financial Markets

    Real-time Gold and Silver Prices

    The Best Way to Buy Gold Coins, Gold Bars, Silver Coins, Silver Bars Online The Best Way to Buy Gold Coins, Gold Bars, Silver Coins, Silver Bars Online

    Precious Metals Market Update with Tom Cloud

    “World News Headlines That We Are Tracking”

    Congress Secretly Approves U.S. Weapons Flow to ‘Moderate’ Syrian Rebels

    Light arms supplied by the United States are flowing to “moderate” Syrian rebel factions in southern Syria after U.S. secretly approves funding for months of further deliveries.

    Pentagon Fears Chinese Military Advances Will Overtake U.S. in 5 Years

    U.S. Defense officials express public concern over China’s development of new high-speed missile.

    Palestinian Leader Says He Can Accept Israeli Military in West Bank for 3 Years

    Palestinian officials have said they could not tolerate even a single Israeli soldier patrolling their future state, though they have acknowledged that some transition period would most likely be required as part of any future peace deal.

    Scholars Urge U.K. to Release 400 Year Old Secret Files Hiding Colonial Crimes

    Eminent British scholars have challenged the government to release a cache of secret files dating back almost 400 years that they say could spur a reappraisal of some contentious episodes of British colonial history and the Cold War.

    Archaeologists Unearth What May Be Oldest Roman Temple

    The temple was probably dedicated to the goddess Fortuna.

    Financial Freedom Bootcamp 2014 : Part 3
    Broadcast Every Saturday Morning – Hosted by Jerry Robinson

    Topic: The time to become financial prepared has never been greater than in 2014. Let’s talk about how YOU can become financially free.

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    Liberty Wire
    “Archiving the Rise of Big Brother, the Erosion of Personal Liberty, and the Fall of the Republic”

    Merkel Rebukes U.S. and U.K. Over Spying

    “The end result is not more security but less.”

    NSA and Britain’s GCHQ Mapping “Political Alignments” of Millions of Smartphone Users Worldwide

    New information made public by Edward Snowden reveals that the governments of the United States and United Kingdom are trawling data from cellphone “apps” to accumulate dossiers on the “political alignments” of millions of smartphone users worldwide.

    Feds Data-Mine Hundreds of Millions of Consumer Credit Card Accounts, Mortgages

    Officials at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau are conducting a massive, NSA-esque data-mining project collecting account information on an estimated 991 million American credit card accounts.

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