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FTMDaily’s Exclusive Stock Trading Service Rakes in Gains

January 8, 2014

    +19.1% IN ONE MONTH


    FTMDaily’s Exclusive Stock Trading Service Rakes in Gains

    • Jerry Robinson’s New Trigger Trade System. FTMDaily readers who upgrade to our premium Gold member membership receive many benefits, including complete access to our new Trigger Trade Report, a unique stock trading service that is gaining respect within the stock trading community as a low-risk stock trading method to create consistent income from the markets. For example, one of our latest trading ideas, Seagate Technology (Ticker: STX) is up an astonishing 19% in just one month. Learn more about how our trading system has performed here.

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    Trigger Trade Report - Daily Stock Trading IdeasTrigger Trade Report – Get Access to our Daily Stock Trading Ideas Now!

    Subscriber Testimonial

    “I made all of my money back in the very first week (on my second trade.) If the stock idea reaches its trigger price, I buy. If it doesn’t trigger, I don’t buy. Its really simple!”
    (Ray M., Orlando, FL)

    Inside this Issue

    “Profiting From the Coming Paper Money Collapse”

    Investors cautious ahead of Fed minutes

    The minutes of the December FOMC meeting will be released today at 2:00PM ET.

    Gold Mining Deals Seen Rebounding on Price Discount

    Deals are increasing as gold-mining companies are close to their cheapest relative to book value in at least two decades.

    Older Americans Shun Retirement at 65 for Risky Startups

    “The 30-year corporate job with a gold watch isn’t there anymore.”

    OVERSTOCK CEO: Here’s Why We’re Accepting Bitcoin

    CEO: “I am agnostic regarding the future value of bitcoin. I merely feel bitcoin is a viable medium of exchange that should embrace to better serve our customers, and that the U.S. should embrace to create a robust, viable alternative to our current monetary institutions.”

    China to Allow Creation of Private Banks

    China will allow the creation of up to five privately financed banks this year gradually opening the state-run industry in a bid to boost growth, the country’s banking regulator says.

    View the Investor Wire Archive >>

    U.S. Financial Markets

    Real-time Gold and Silver Prices

    The Best Way to Buy Gold Coins, Gold Bars, Silver Coins, Silver Bars Online The Best Way to Buy Gold Coins, Gold Bars, Silver Coins, Silver Bars Online

    Precious Metals Market Update with Tom Cloud

    Read/Print the Audio Transcript or Download the mp3

    View Our Precious Metals Investing Resources Here >>

    “World News Headlines That We Are Tracking”

    Worried U.S. Warns North Korea, Boosts Troops to South

    Another 800 U.S. soldiers, armored vehicles and tanks will head to South Korea next month.

    U.S. Poverty Level Under Obama Breaks 50-Year Record

    Fifty years after President Johnson started a $20 trillion taxpayer-funded “war on poverty,” the number of Americans living in poverty has only fallen 2%.

    UFO Disrupts Flights in Germany

    Police, who scrambled a helicopter to investigate, admit they still don’t know what the object was.

    Ex-Swiss Guard Complains of Sexual Advances in Vatican

    Over 20 reported sexual advances from priests, bishops and a cardinal.

    Kindle Führer: “Mein Kampf” Tops Amazon Charts

    E-book versions of Hitler’s opus are rising in the rankings on Amazon and iTunes. What gives?

    Broadcast Every Saturday Morning – Hosted by Jerry Robinson

    Topic: On this week’s show, economist and investor Jerry Robinson explains how stock traders can profit from current financial trends.

    Read Show Notes >>

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    Other Listening Options

    Liberty Wire
    “Archiving the Rise of Big Brother, the Erosion of Personal Liberty, and the Fall of the Republic”

    CNN Poll: Support for Legal Marijuana Soaring

    Senior citizens, Republicans, and Southerners remain the only major demographic groups who still oppose the legal use of pot.

    Washington D.C. Looks to Legalize Marijuana Cultivation

    The proposal would allow residents to legally grow up to six marijuana plants per household and possess and transfer up to an ounce of the drug without penalty.

    Reported Christian ‘Martyr’ Deaths Double in 2013

    Christianity faces restrictions and hostility in 111 countries compared to just 90 countries that limit or harass the second-largest faith, Islam.

    View the Liberty Wire Archive >>

    “Daily Investment Trends for the Savvy Investor”

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    “A Daily Stock Trading Idea for Short-Term Traders”
    — Subscribers Only —

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    “A Daily Dose of Financial Wisdom from God’s Word”

    “Indeed, the very hairs of your head are all numbered. Do not fear; you are more valuable than many sparrows.”
    Luke 12:7

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