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U.S. Continues Relentless Drive for Middle East “Peace”

January 7, 2014



    Despite Major Obstacles, U.S. Continues Relentless Drive for Middle East “Peace”

    • New Peace Blueprint to Be Unveiled Within One Month. U.S. Ambassador Dan Shapiro has confirmed that the new Middle East peace framework crafted by the U.S. is just weeks away from being delivered to the leaders of Israel and Palestine. As expected, he confirmed that the new proposal would be comprehensive, including specific security arrangements, border demarcations, the fate of Jerusalem, Palestinian refugee demands, and all of the other “core issues.” The U.S. plan for the region remains the same as it has for decades: The establishment of a Palestinian state living side by side alongside Israel in peace and security. This is in line with President Obama’s vision of the Palestinian people gaining “the right to govern themselves, and reach their potential, in a sovereign and contiguous state.”
    • John Kerry’s Ambitious Middle East Peace Project. Since re-launching the peace talks last July, U.S. Sec. of State Kerry has made 10 trips to the region in 2013 in an attempt to secure a permanent peace accord by the end of April 2014. The unfolding chaos in Syria and Iraq, however, coupled with tensions among U.S. allies created by the push for peace with Iran, has stifled progress. Peace in the region still remains elusive as both parties blame the other for obstructing the peace process. Will 2014 witness a final peace agreement between Israel and Palestine? Stay tuned…
    • What Jerry Thinks. The U.S. has long had a twisted relationship with the Middle East, and especially Israel. Today, the entire modern Middle East region is but a shadow of its former self. There is a yearning among millions of Arabs, Turks, Persians, and Israelis who desire a return to the “former days of glory.” The U.S., and other Western nations, however, have no incentive to promote such stability within the Middle East, given the immense wealth lying in the sands beneath. (Bumper Sticker: “What’s our oil doing under their sand?”) Keeping these Middle Eastern countries destabilized has been the West’s meal ticket into the heart of this oil-rich region. Instead of relying upon the American “virtues” of free trade to foster free-flowing commerce with Mideast nations, the economic and political instability within the region has “required” Washington’s “intervention.” Today, we destroy by peace. International politics has never been more cunning. Israel and Palestine, however, present a very different case. America exudes an obvious sense of “destiny” over its relationship with Israel. Regardless, America seems intent upon achieving “peace and security” within the region. At first glimpse, it smells of cheap talk. But upon further inspection, Washington and the world know that the fate of Jerusalem is of paramount importance, regardless of which side you are on. What will a U.S. “peace” with Israel look like? It’s probably worth watching…

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    The Senate vote of 56-26 to confirm Yellen means she garnered even less support than outgoing Chairman Ben S. Bernanke, whose 2010 confirmation for a second term by a vote of 70-30 represented the most opposition for a Fed chief.

    Global Real Estate Investors Flocking to the U.S.

    A new survey shows that while London was the number one city among foreign real estate investors, the rest of the top five cities were all in the U.S.: New York (#2), San Francisco (#3), Houston (#4), Los Angeles (#5).

    China is Cornering the Cannabis Patent Market

    More than half of the over 600 cannabis-related patents registered with the United Nations’ global intellectual property agency belong to Chinese companies.

    Turkey’s 2013 Gold and Silver Imports Skyrocket

    The country imported a record amount of gold in 2013 while silver imports rose 60% to reach their highest levels since 1999.

    How To Tell If A Diamond Is Real Or Fake

    Brian Driscoll from the Gemological Institute of America explains how to tell the difference between artificial rocks and the real deal.

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    Glenn Greenwald: More Snowden Documents on Israel Coming Soon

    Glenn Greenwald promises more stunning NSA stories involving the U.S. and Israel in the weeks ahead.

    The U.S. Military Industrial Complex In 3 Simple Charts

    War is big business…

    Japan, India Agree to Expand Defense Cooperation

    Japan aims to block China’s maritime ambitions by promoting defense cooperation with India.

    EU Power Shifts from Brussels to Berlin

    While the eurozone crisis in 2013 lingered in most countries, Germany seemed to be doing better than ever.

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    Gun Sales Hit New Record, Ammo Boom To Follow

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