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Category: US Dollar Crisis

May 25, 2011 Category: US Dollar Crisis

Food Prices Surging at Highest Rate in Over Two Decades

Corn futures are up 98 percent, wheat gained 67 percent, raw sugar advanced 44 percent, and rice jumped 25 percent.

May 18, 2011 Category: US Dollar Crisis

The Future of Oil and the End of the Dollar

My basic thesis is that the U.S. is an empire in decline. In the past, it has made some brilliant moves that secured its place as the supreme economic, political, and military leader of the globe. But in its twilight years, America has fallen prey to the common trappings of empire: military overreach, an entitlement mindset, and currency depreciation.

May 17, 2011 Category: US Dollar Crisis

America’s Petrodollar System: A Timeline of the Rise and Fall of the U.S. Dollar

When will the U.S. Dollar collapse? Here’s a brief timeline that summarizes the rise and fall of the U.S. Dollar. It also details the decline of the dollar due to the petrodollar collapse.

May 11, 2011 Category: US Dollar Crisis

What a Hamburger Can Teach Us About the Coming Dollar Collapse

To help understand the coming dollar collapse due to the faltering petrodollar system, I often use an illustration about a hamburger stand. Here it goes…

May 10, 2011 Category: US Dollar Crisis

Meet the System That Will Collapse the U.S. Dollar

The coming breakdown of the global petrodollar system will result in the total and complete collapse of the U.S. Dollar. And yet, very few people have even heard of this system, let alone understand it.

April 20, 2011 Category: US Dollar Crisis

Diversifying with Foreign Currencies: 9 Currencies That Are Outperforming the U.S. Dollar

In this article, I will introduce the concept of using foreign currencies for savings diversification and will discuss nine currencies that have outperformed the U.S. Dollar.

April 15, 2011 Category: US Dollar Crisis

The DSL™ Savings Strategy 101 – Diversification With U.S. Dollars (Part 1)

Welcome to a new financial teaching series on our DSL™ Savings strategy. In this first teaching article, I will briefly explain some of the various ways in which you can hold your one-third in U.S. Dollar denominated dollars when using our DSL™ Savings strategy.

March 23, 2011 Category: US Dollar Crisis

7 Economic Consequences of a Dollar Collapse

What would happen if the U.S. Dollar were suddenly dropped as the world’s reserve currency? Here are 7 economic consequences of a dollar collapse.

March 21, 2011 Category: US Dollar Crisis

FTMDaily News Update – U.S. Dollar Breaks New Lows

On Monday, the Dow Jones Industrial Average climbed back above the 12,000 level in intra-day trading, for the first time in a week, on news that AT&T would buy T-Mobile for $39 billion. The merger would make AT&T the nation’s largest wireless carrier.

March 14, 2011 Category: US Dollar Crisis

FTMDaily News Update – Absolute Devastation in Japan

The unbelievable devastation in Japan dominated the 24-news cycle. And a shocking new video emerges from the moment the tsunami struck the nation…

March 7, 2011 Category: US Dollar Crisis

13 States Say Dump the Dollar, Bring On the Gold!

Since 1971, American money has been valuable only because people perceive it to be valuable since the American government officially backs it. Prior to that, American money had a kind of intrinsic value as well – it was backed by gold held in Fort Knox and at the Federal Reserve. Some states however have decided that it’s high time that things changed back to the way they were. They’re looking to take their citizenry back to the gold standard.

February 9, 2011 Category: US Dollar Crisis

FTMDaily News Update – The “Wealth Effect” Deception

Some Fed policymakers are getting nervous at the quickening pace of what they perceive to be an economic “recovery.” New questions about whether to prematurely end the Fed’s $600 billion bond-buying program…

January 5, 2011 Category: US Dollar Crisis

Another Sign of the Dollar Collapse: World Bank Issues First Yuan Bonds

While the yuan is still years away from being able to displace the dollar in global trade, it is inevitable that the U.S. dollar will continue its downward trend which will require the rise of other currencies. The two contenders to watch closely in the coming years are the euro and the yuan.

December 18, 2010 Category: US Dollar Crisis

How (And When) The Dollar Will Collapse

This Week’s Topic: How (And When) The Dollar Will Collapse. This week’s special guest interview: Bill Provenzano known as the Christian Trading Coach. Follow the Money Weekly Radio is a financial radio show about the stock markets, commodities, energy investing, the global financial crisis, how to prepare for the coming hyperinflation, where to invest money, how to buy gold, how to buy silver, saving money, finding a financial advisor, and paying off debt. Hosted by economist and best-selling author, Jerry Robinson. For the best in financial news, listen to the Follow the Money Weekly Financial Radio Show.

Category: US Dollar Crisis

What Jerry Thinks: The Single Event That Will Destroy the Dollar

To hear the entire program, click here.

June 30, 2010 Category: US Dollar Crisis

UN report: Abandon the U.S. dollar

The dollar has proved not to be a stable store of value, which is a requisite for a stable reserve currency.

June 16, 2010 Category: US Dollar Crisis

Russia to Buy Canadian, Aussie Dollars for First Time

Russia may add the Australian and Canadian dollars to its international reserves for the first time after fluctuations in the U.S. dollar and euro.

June 3, 2010 Category: US Dollar Crisis

U.S. National Debt Tops $13 Trillion Mark

The federal government is now $13 trillion in the red…