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How to Access our Real-Time Trading Alerts on Twitter

Every time Jerry buys or sells a stock or ETF in his own personal “Platinum” portfolio, he issues an alert on our live Twitter feed. Learn how you can get access here.

Private Group Coaching: Charting the Markets w/ Jerry Robinson

In today’s strategy session, trading coach Jerry Robinson shares several stocks on his short-term watchlist, including two cannabis stocks on the verge of a potential breakout.

The Robinson Report: ECB Launches New QE Program Amid Global Economic Slowdown

Less than three months after winding up its last major round of monetary easing, the European Central Bank has announced yet a new round of cheap loans to European banks amid lower economic and inflation growth forecasts.

PODCAST: Have You Heard of the 770 Account?

We have all heard of the 401(k) retirement account. Many others are familiar with the 529 college savings plan. But have you ever heard of the 770 account for creating tax-free income in retirement? Today, we discuss this little known provision in the IRS tax code with returning guest and long-time financial advisor, Mike Mitchell.

Private Group Coaching: Is It Time to Buy Volatility?

In this very beneficial strategy session, trading coach Jerry Robinson charts the markets with an eye on volatility, as the S&P finds resistance just overhead. Also, Jerry discusses how the U.S.-China deal (or no deal) may impact the markets.

The Robinson Report: U.S. Hits Debt Ceiling with $22 Trillion National Debt

As of Saturday, the U.S. officially hit its self-imposed debt ceiling with over $22 trillion in national debt.

Screening for Profits with Finviz

In this month’s Platinum members-only Mastermind call, Jerry Robinson delves deep into one of his personal favorite online trading tools: Finviz

Four Reasons Not To Miss The 2019 Follow The Money Investing Summit

The 2019 Follow the Money Summit promises to be the best one yet. Meet like-minded individuals and walk away with an action plan.

Private Group Coaching: Charting the Markets w/ Jerry Robinson

As the S&P 500 staggers into resistance at the 2800 level, trading coach Jerry Robinson explores the immense profit potential in mastering the art of identifying support and resistance on a chart.

The Robinson Report: Volatility Drops to October Lows

As real economic problems continue to compound, the price of Wall Street’s “fear” index suggests that investors are shrugging off concerns as it plummets to its pre-selloff lows from early October.

PODCAST: Why is Money Made of Paper?

On this week’s broadcast, economist Jerry Robinson exposes the immoral nature of America’s debt-based paper money system and encourages listeners to protect themselves through financial wisdom.

Private Group Coaching: The Short of the Century?

As the next round of US-China trade talks begin, trading coach Jerry Robinson shares a potentially exciting and immensely profitable trading opportunity. But first, here comes the Fed with more QE at the ready.

The Robinson Report: Central Bank Gold Demand Surges 74% YOY

Central bank demand in 2018 was the highest since President Nixon closed the gold window with net purchases reaching 651 tons, representing a 74% increase over last year. (This is the second highest annual total on record!)

PODCAST: Mining For Profits: An Interview With Jay Taylor

On this week’s broadcast, Jerry Robinson is joined by gold mining analyst/expert Jay Taylor to discuss the topic of investing in gold mining stocks. Many fortunes have been made (and lost) in this exciting industry. Later, Jerry shares his four favorite ETFs for trading gold mining stocks.

Private Group Coaching: Cannabis Stocks Brace For Earnings Season

With America’s view of cannabis thawing at the Federal level, and the advent of brand awareness and brand loyalty not far behind, trading coach Jerry Robinson explains why this week’s cannabis stocks earnings reports may be a significant factor in market movement.

The Robinson Report: Litecoin Surges 45% YTD Despite “Crypto Winter”

Litecoin surges as the Bitcoin fork proposes new transaction privacy that could solve the cryptocurrency’s current lack of fungibility. Download our full PDF slidedeck inside.

Private Group Coaching: Charting the Markets w/ Jerry Robinson

As the S&P 500 attempts to penetrate a flat 200 DMA, trading coach Jerry Robinson provides a lesson on the candlestick indicator, and shares a valuable teaching on trading the open. But first, a brief review of the latest Robinson Report.

The Robinson Report: The Fed Makes A U-Turn

This weekend, we have created a special members-only video version of The Robinson Report along with a downloadable PDF slidedeck.

FTM Mastermind: How to Profit From the Global Cannabis Boom

In this immensely profitable and powerful teaching, trading coach Jerry Robinson examines the potentially explosive growth of the blossoming cannabis industry. But first, the outrageous history of cannabis in the US that you may not know (but should)!

PODCAST: Announcing the 2019 Follow The Money Summit

This week, we unveil the details about the upcoming 2019 Follow the Money Summit and Trend Trading Bootcamp to be held in Rogers, Arkansas. Make plans to join us for a special weekend of powerful investing insights and income ideas to turbo-charge your finances into 2019 and beyond!

Private Group Coaching: Understanding Moving Averages

As the S&P 500 sits on the cusp of a potentially aggressive new uptrend, trading coach Jerry Robinson provides a refresher course on the power of moving averages in trading. But first, he announces that registration is officially open for our Follow The Money Summit 2019, along with exciting new details!

The Robinson Report: The Fed Turns Dovish

This weekend, we have created a special video version of The Robinson Report along with a downloadable PDF slidedeck. Download here

PODCAST: Four Industries of the Future

This week, Jerry and Jennifer Robinson explore four innovative industries of the future: Solar energy, Blockchain technology, China internet, and Cannabis/Hemp. Learn how we are playing each of these innovative industries on today’s podcast!

Private Group Coaching: Introducing the Trailblazer ETFs

On the heels of the release of our brand new Trailblazer ETF Portfolios, trading coach Jerry Robinson shows members how to use the highly profitable, easily accessible research tools for these exciting ETFs through our extensive member services. Also, a look at the latest Robinson Report.

The Robinson Report: Introducing The Trailblazer ETFs

This weekend, we are pleased to unveil our brand new members-only Trailblazer ETF trend alert service, focused on innovative industries like: Artificial Intelligence, Cybersecurity, Automation, Self-Driving Vehicles, Mobile Payments, Cloud Computing, and much more! Read our full analysis here

Private Group Coaching: Charting the Markets w/ Jerry Robinson

As we enter a new wild west, this time in the cannabis space, trading coach Jerry Robinson explains the potential for quick money to be made – and lost – until the dust finally settles. He begins this discussion with a positive example in the latest Robinson Report.

The Robinson Report: The U.S. Hemp Market is on the Rise

Cannabis stocks have been on fire in 2019 as huge speculative volume swarms into the industry. With the recent federal legalization of hemp, and the growing revenues from CBD oil and legalized cannabis around the world, it is only a matter of time before the U.S. deschedules and decriminalizes cannabis. Read our full analysis here

PODCAST: What Millennials Don’t Get About Gold

The ‘millennial’ generation has been called one of the most ‘financially savvy’ generations in recent memory. In this week’s podcast, Jerry and Jennifer Robinson are joined by precious metals expert Tom Cloud to discuss an important financial knowledge gap in the millennial generation, and how to solve it.

Private Group Coaching: Cannabis Stocks Heat Up in 2019

With the recent legalization of hemp enacted through the 2018 Farm Bill, trading coach Jerry Robinson explains why we are standing on the precipice of a brand new industry with tremendous potential. And later, a brief discussion of the latest Robinson Report.

The Robinson Report: Fed Changes Tune After Stocks Drop

U.S. stocks rallied big last week in the wake of dovish comments from the Federal Reserve and a better than expected jobs report released on Friday. Read our full analysis here.

FTM Mastermind Call: Trend Trading Secrets

In this first Platinum member strategy session of 2019, trading coach/teacher-at-heart Jerry Robinson presents a comprehensive guide to profitable trend trading that has brought him consistent trading success over the past two decades.

PODCAST: Trading Q&A with Jerry Robinson

On this first podcast of 2019, Jerry and Jennifer Robinson answer your questions on trading and investing and even share some of their favorite sectors and industries for traders and investors to focus on in the New Year.

The Robinson Report: Physical Silver Prices Finally On The Move

2018 has been a year for the record books. Aside from the chaotic geopolitical and tumultuous economic concerns that have plagued the globe this year, the extreme turbulence impacting the financial markets have been enough to give even the toughest traders heartburn. Read our full analysis here

Platinum member Mastermind Group: Gold, Silver On the Rise

As fear-based buying pushes the price of gold above its 200 DMA on heavier than normal volume, trading coach Jerry Robinson discusses several trading ideas in the current volatile market climate.

Platinum member Mastermind Group: The Fed to the Rescue?

With fierce whiplashing and a pretty hard selloff in the market in the wake of the Fed’s latest rate hike, trading coach Jerry Robinson provides a reality check of the markets, and encourages members to remain emotionless, patient, and disciplined with their trading and investment plans.

PODCAST: How You Can Profit From A Market Meltdown

On this final podcast episode of 2018, Jerry Robinson looks back on 2018 and shares how he is helping people just like you learn to profit in up or down markets. He also provides his latest market commentary on U.S. stocks, gold, and cryptocurrencies.

Private Group Coaching: 3 Ways to Play Volatility

In this final Private Group Coaching session of 2018, trading coach Jerry Robinson introduces members to three strategies for trading in this turbulent market, including his favorite way to play volatility. But first, he examines current market behavior ahead of tomorrow’s announcement from the Fed regarding interest rates.

The Robinson Report: Global Volatility Surges With All Eyes On The Fed

Rising U.S. interest rates — and future rate hike expectations — have put upward pressure on the U.S. dollar, which has also helped to slow the raging global equities bull market of 2017. But it’s not just interest rates that are rising in America… Read our full analysis here

Platinum member Mastermind Group: Trading the Open for Maximum Profits

In today’s session, trading coach Jerry Robinson delves further into last week’s teaching,  A Simple Method for Trading the Open, with a powerful visual presentation of this profitable strategy. But first, a brief refresher on candlesticks.

Private Group Coaching: Using Advanced Order Types

Join trading coach Jerry Robinson for a highly relevant and beneficial demonstration of how to place a conditional order in the market. But first, a word of caution to traders about the extreme importance of stop loss orders and due diligence.

The Robinson Report: Gold Prices Surge Amid Market Mayhem

Read our full analysis here

Platinum member Mastermind Group: A Simple Method for Trading the Open

Join trading coach Jerry Robinson for a lesson on a popular strategy among the smart money for hitting singles in short-term trading. But first, a look at rising gold prices.

PODCAST: Gold Shines Amid Growing Global Market Fears

As global markets cratered earlier this week, gold prices woke up and burst above a key resistance area that could launch a new rally in the yellow metal. Join economist and trading coach Jerry Robinson for an interview with special guest expert Tom Cloud, a 40-year veteran in the precious metals industry.

Private Group Coaching: How to Succeed With Our Daily Trading Ideas

Trading coach Jerry Robinson devotes today’s session to addressing member questions about our Daily Trading Diary. Along with impressive 2018 stats, he presents a detailed explanation of the design process of this tool, including the intended purpose and desired profit potential for each idea.

The Robinson Report: Fed Blinks on Rates, U.S. Rethinks China Trade War

The latest November FOMC minutes release reveals that, while the Fed still plans another near-term rate hike, likely at its Dec 18-19 scheduled meeting, it is expressing less certainty about maintaining the aggressive pace of the cuts into 2019. Read our full analysis here

Platinum member Mastermind Group: Options Trading U: The Tools of the Trade

Join trading coach Jerry Robinson for the conclusion of our new lecture series from Options Trading University as he gives the final polish to the new options tools presented exclusively to our Platinum members to enrich their trading toolboxes. And later, he shares an ETF that could roar higher if Washington and Beijing succeed in resolving their trade dispute.

PODCAST: The Season of Giving

As Americans prepare to spend $1 trillion on the 2018 Christmas season, Christian economist Jerry Robinson provides some healthy perspective on the true purpose and spirit of giving. Also, tune in for a chance to win a 1-year Platinum membership with!

Private Group Coaching: Charting the Markets w/ Jerry Robinson

As the global economy slows down and the S&P 500 slips into a position downtrend, trading coach Jerry Robinson discusses the driving forces behind the uncertainty plaguing this market. And later, he shares potential trading strategies in the current market environment.

The Robinson Report: Thanksgiving 2018 Edition

Welcome to this special condensed holiday version of The Robinson Report! Read our full analysis here

Private Group Coaching: Strategic Trend #3 – The Demise of Democracy

With democracy receding and populism rising, trading coach Jerry Robinson shares a fascinating look at the roots, history, and future of America’s democracy. But first, charting the current wild markets.

The Robinson Report: New Real-Time Trading Alerts Begin This Week

We are extremely excited to announce a powerful new benefit for all current Platinum members: Real-time trading alerts from Jerry Robinson via our new private Twitter feed! Read our full analysis here