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Category: Asia

September 24, 2015 Category: Asia

CHART: China Factory Activity Plummets To 78 Month Low

Chinese factory output hasn’t looked this bad since the depths of the 2008 global economic crisis…

September 1, 2015 Category: Asia

Global Stocks Make Grim September Debut

The global economy is slowing and it is shocking bullish investors into reality. Be prepared.

April 6, 2013 Category: Asia

Central Banks Gone Wild: The Historic Bank of Japan Intervention

On this week’s program, Jerry comments on the major Bank of Japan intervention, an update on the privacy concerns of Google Glass, how to handle a police encounter, America’s failed War on Poverty, and much more.

Category: Asia

Japan Announces Historic Amount of Monetary Stimulus

The Japanese people should demand that the banksters stop destroying their economy and focus on real growth opportunities instead of chasing paper illusions.