Month: January 2016

January 28, 2016 Month: January 2016

Should You Get Your Gold Out of the U.S. Banking System?

This week, Tom Cloud discusses the benefits of getting your precious metals holdings out of the U.S. banking system and creating your own physically-backed precious metals “ETF”.

January 27, 2016 Month: January 2016

VIDEO: Four Economic Megatrends That Will Shape 2016

In this one-hour webinar, Christian economist Jerry Robinson examines four global economic megatrends that will impact 2016.

Month: January 2016

PODCAST: Will the U.S. Dollar Really Collapse?

Listen as Jerry Robinson answers listener questions about the U.S. dollar, global stock markets, central banking, the need to prepare, and much more.

January 20, 2016 Month: January 2016

PODCAST: How to Be Happy (With or Without Money)

On this week’s show, Jerry Robinson explores the topic of happiness with best-selling author and popular theologian, Randy Alcorn. But first, an interview with Sen. Rand Paul about his ‘Audit the Fed’ bill.

January 18, 2016 Month: January 2016

Remembering MLK Jr’s Prophetic Call For American Humility

Martin Luther King Jr’s prophetic call for an arrogant America to humble itself has never been more necessary than today.

January 15, 2016 Month: January 2016

Rand Paul “Baffled” by Evangelicals’ Preference for War-Mongering GOP Candidates

U.S. Senator and Republican presidential candidate Rand Paul discusses the recent Senate vote on his “Audit the Fed” bill, as well as the lack of support of his candidacy within the American evangelical community.

January 14, 2016 Month: January 2016

Gold and Silver Prices Stabilize In 2016

This week, Tom Cloud provides an important update on precious metals.

January 13, 2016 Month: January 2016

PODCAST: Gold Prices Rise As Stocks Implode

On this week’s show, we examine the precious metals markets amid the current global stock market selloff. Special guests: Gary Christenson, Zaid Jilani

January 11, 2016 Month: January 2016

It’s Now Official: Bitcoin Was The Top Performing Currency Of 2015

The following infographic brilliantly sums up one of the massive “sleeper” investments of 2015. When the numbers were all calculated, Bitcoin was easily the top performing currency of 2015.

January 7, 2016 Month: January 2016

2016: The Year of Risks and Rewards

This week, Tom Cloud explains why this year could bring greater than normal risks for investors, but could also provide better than average returns.

January 6, 2016 Month: January 2016

PODCAST: How to Revive America’s Economy with Steve Forbes

On this week’s podcast, Jerry Robinson is joined by Steve Forbes to discuss his provocative new book, Reviving America. But first, in segment one, Jerry discusses the recent market selloff and provides his analysis of the growing tensions between Saudi Arabia and Iran.

January 4, 2016 Month: January 2016

ETF Trend Ratings – January 2016

Get our latest trend analysis ratings on more than 60 currency, commodity, and global ETFs each month. Subscribers only.

January 1, 2016 Month: January 2016

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Month: January 2016

Geopolitical Trakker – January 2016

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Month: January 2016

Global Equities ETF List

A comprehensive list of all Global Equity ETFs currently available to U.S. investors.

Month: January 2016

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