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FTM Weekend Roundup – October 8, 2011

After beginning the fourth quarter near bear market territory, the major U.S. stock indexes staged a rally this week on news that Europe would step in to help its ailing banking sector along with some better than expected economic data in the U.S.

Follow the Money Weekly Radio with Jerry Robinson | Money Podcast

FTMWeekly Financial Radio Show – On the Road to a One World Currency

On this week’s program, we will discuss what is happening in the global economy and how bad things are really going to get. Our special guest today says things are just getting warmed up and that the real economic pain still lies straight ahead. Trace Mayer will be here to discuss the economy, offshore investing, as well as his book, The Great Credit Contraction.

Follow the Money Weekly Radio with Jerry Robinson | Money Podcast

FTMWeekly Financial Radio Show – Preparing For Hyperinflation

On this week’s program, stock prices get hammered again this week as investors fear that global recession lies straight ahead. What do you need to know to weather the next bout of this continuing economic storm? In this week’s special guest interview, popular wealth manager, Puru Saxena provides you with solid investment ideas that you can use right now to prepare for the coming hyperinflation in the United States.

Also, while stocks have been going down, gold prices have been exploding to the upside. Precious metals advisor, Tom Cloud, is here to help you take advantage of the exciting action in the precious metals markets. Tom will discuss gold, silver, and palladium in this week’s Precious Metals Market Update.

But first, we begin the program with Jerry’s strategies for diversifying your savings with foreign currencies, gold, and silver as he continues his series on how you can achieve lasting financial security by using our very own Five Levels of Financial Freedom. If you are looking for practical financial strategies, you have found the right place.

Follow the Money Weekly Radio with Jerry Robinson | Money Podcast

FTMWeekly Radio – Death By China: The Darker Side of the Rising Dragon

On this week’s program, we begin with a brief update on the financial markets followed by this week’s Precious Metals Market Update with Precious Metals Advisor, Tom Cloud.

Then, in Segment Two, Jerry be joined in a special interview with best-selling author, Greg Autry who has co-authored a provocative new book, with Dr. Peter Navarro, detailing the darker side of the rise of China. The book is entitled Death by China.

And finally, in Segment Three, we’ll be joined by Retirement Specialist, John Bearss, in a special extended interview. Jerry will discuss with John the current state of retirement. Our discussion will include some key ideas and strategies for those nearing retirement to consider.