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Follow The Money Radio

PODCAST: Are You Prepared?

February 24, 2021


Millions of people in Texas just got a hard lesson in preparedness. In this podcast, economist and best-selling author Jerry Robinson reminds listeners of the importance of being prepared and specifically focuses upon tips to help you get ready for the uncertainty ahead. Later, Jerry answers a listener question about a coming digital U.S. dollar. All that and more on this latest episode of Follow the Money radio.

Show Notes

Segment 1: Are You Prepared for an Emergency?


Are You Prepared?

We have stressed the importance of preparation for many years here at Follow The Money. Jerry Robinson devotes this segment to urging listeners to implement a solid plan to protect themselves and their loved ones in unexpected emergencies.

  • Wicked weather is merely one event that can bring our high-tech world to a halt
  • Do you have a backup heat or cooling source?
  • Do you have a backup water supply?
  • Do you have enough food to last you for an extended period of time?
  • Do you have an adequate supply of medication?
  • The cost advantage of solar energy + how we invest in clean energy
  • Our personal food and water storage solutions
  • Let us help you prepare with our Five Levels of Financial Freedom

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Segment 2: Is a U.S. Digital Dollar in our Future?


China already has already issued its own digital yuan, and now the U.S. Treasury appears to be warming up to the idea of a U.S. digital dollar. Economist Jerry Robinson answers a listener question by exploring how the adoption of a digital U.S. dollar may impact Americans, and explains why he believes Bitcoin will likely be a primary beneficiary. 

Segment 3: The Final Word w/ Jerry Robinson


Jerry closes out today’s show with an ancient truth that is just as relevant today as it was when it was first spoken.

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