Month: July 2010

July 31, 2010 Month: July 2010

Wall Street and the Death of the American Century

Wall Street and the Death of the American Century: On this week’s program, Jerry Robinson takes a look at the rise of China, the recent U.S. GDP numbers, the drop in consumer spending, and the failure of Washington’s policy tools to fix an empire in decline. Our special guest interview is with author, economist, and geopolitical […]

July 27, 2010 Month: July 2010

Austrian Economics in Full Color… and for Free!

I remember the frustration I felt when I enrolled in college to get my second degree. I was stuck between choosing finance and economics. I will never forget the advice given to me by my enrollment counselor. She said: “Finance majors make good money when they get out of school, but economists rule the world.” Needless to say, I chose economics and never looked back.

July 25, 2010 Month: July 2010

Nancy Pelosi Steps Right Over the Third Rail

While checking the news on Sunday, I ran across this headline on the Drudge Report…

July 24, 2010 Month: July 2010

The Glenn Beck/GoldLine Fiasco + An Update on Russia with J.R. Nyquist

The Glenn Beck-Goldline Fiasco: On this week’s program, Jerry Robinson takes a look at the Congressional investigation into the popular precious metals dealer, Goldline. And because Goldline is one of the top sponsors of the Glenn Beck Program, the debate is becoming politically charged. Jerry and Precious Metals expert, Tom Cloud, discuss the good, the bad, and the […]

July 21, 2010 Month: July 2010

Buyer Beware: Glenn Beck’s "Favorite" Gold Dealer, GOLDLINE, Under Investigation

I have been telling you OVER and OVER to avoid Numismatic coins unless you are a collector. If you are trying to invest to protect against inflation, BUY BULLION, not numismatic coins. Glenn Beck and Goldline claim that numismatic coins will be safe in the event of another 1933 style government gold confiscation.

July 18, 2010 Month: July 2010

The Collapse of the Dollar And How You Can Profit From It

The Collapse of the Dollar and How You Can Profit From It: On this week’s program, Jerry Robinson examines the new Financial Reform Bill just passed by the U.S. Senate. Will the new regulations be enough to calm the financial markets or is this just another impotent attempt to manipulate public opinion and to grow the […]

July 16, 2010 Month: July 2010

Inflating War: Central banking and militarism are intimately linked

“One can say without exaggeration that inflation is an indispensable means of militarism,” Ludwig von Mises wrote. “Without it, the repercussions of war on welfare become obvious much more quickly and penetratingly; war weariness would set in much earlier.”

Month: July 2010

Banks repossess US homes at record pace

Banks repossessed a record number of U.S. homes in the second quarter, but slowed new foreclosure notices to manage distressed properties on the market, real estate data company RealtyTrac said on Thursday.

Month: July 2010

Rarely Seen Pictures Of The Devastating Consequences Of The BP Disaster

NASA Photograph of the OIL SPILL, taken 3 weeks after it began.

Month: July 2010

Competing currency being accepted across Mid-Michigan

Right now, you can buy a meal or visit a chiropractor without using actual U.S. legal tender. They sound like real money and look like real money. But you can’t take them to the bank because they’re not made at a government mint. They’re made at private mints.

Month: July 2010

New Financial Regulation Passes, Gives Fed More Power

After fending off most challenges to its independence and winning new powers to oversee big financial firms, the Federal Reserve has emerged from a bruising debate on the overhaul of U.S. financial rules as perhaps the pre-eminent regulator in the sector. But that could only bring it added blame if things go wrong again.

July 15, 2010 Month: July 2010

FTMQuarterly Newsletter – Summer 2010 Issue (PDF)

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July 14, 2010 Month: July 2010

The new gold diggers

When gold nuggets were found in the foothills of California in 1849, a frenzy of prospecting ensued. Now, thanks to the ‘Great Recession’, it’s happening all over again.

Month: July 2010

Congress to raise retirement age?

In a rare departure from this year’s intense political posturing over the soaring budget deficit, House leaders of both parties recently signaled that they are prepared to tackle a leading long-term liability — Social Security —by raising the retirement age.

Month: July 2010

Trade Deficit Gets Even Worse

In May, the trade deficit expanded to $42.27 billion from $40.32 billion in April. Relative to a year ago, the trade deficit is up 70.0%, but May of a year ago marked the low point in the trade deficit after world trade collapsed following the 2008 financial meltdown. The May trade deficit was also significantly worse than the $39.5 billion that was expected.

Month: July 2010

Venezuela oil ‘may double Saudi Arabia’

A new US assessment of Venezuela’s oil reserves could give the country double the supplies of Saudi Arabia.

Month: July 2010

Obama faces growing credibility crisis

The Obama presidency”Barack Obama’s chief spokesman, got into hot water this week for daring to speak the truth – that the Democrats could lose control of the House of Representatives in November. But it could be even worse than that.

Month: July 2010



July 13, 2010 Month: July 2010

The 50 most unbelievable facts about the U.S. economy

As we close on another week replete with ugly economic data and the usual bizarro counterintuitive market, here is a summary of the 50 most underreported facts about the state of the US economy, courtesy of the Coto report.

July 12, 2010 Month: July 2010

Obama’s debt commission warns of fiscal ‘cancer’

The two leaders — former Republican senator Alan Simpson of Wyoming and Erskine Bowles, White House chief of staff under President Bill Clinton– sought to build support for the work of the commission, whose recommendations due later this year are likely to spark a fierce debate in Congress.

Month: July 2010

G20 looks to Beijing to drive global growth

The G20 appears to be placing a large bet on China’s policymakers. At their summit last month, one developed country after another, bar the US, said they would cut fiscal deficits.

July 11, 2010 Month: July 2010

Download the Free Emergency Stockpile List

On this week’s radio show, I discussed the importance of having a emergency stockpile of food and water in addition to having a financial reserve. Click the following link to download an Emergency Stockpile List.

Month: July 2010

Merrill Lynch: The 3 big reasons gold and silver will soar

Merrill Lynch metals analysts maintain gold will hit a US$1,500 per ounce target by the end of next year as investor demand pushes gold prices higher.

Month: July 2010

Top 20 Global Banks by Market Capitalization: The Decline of American Banks & The Rise of Goldman Sachs

The Financial Times has a very interesting shockwave application showing how the top banks by market capitalization have changed for the last few years. You can clearly see the Goldman Sacks ascension and the decline of the American banks.

Month: July 2010

BIS gold swap – best news to hit gold in 30 years

In its 2010 annual report, the Bank of International Settlements said that “gold, which the bank held in connection with gold swap operations, under which the bank exchanges currencies for physical gold,” stands at 8,160.1 million in special drawing rights, equivalent to 346 tonnes this year, up from nil in 2009.”   Apparently this amount has now climbed to 382 tonnes since the report was issued.

Month: July 2010

Number of the Week: Euro Zone Debt Is Coming Due

Throughout the recession and recovery, many European banks have sought to sweep their problems under the carpet in the hopes that they could solve them in a better and more profitable future. Now, though, they’re running out of time.

Month: July 2010

America: Optimism on hold

A month ago, it all seemed to be going so well. Growth in the US economy was picking up. The financial system was, mainly, functioning. The risk of contagion from Europe had diminished after an unprecedented bail-out from the European Union and the International Monetary Fund. Things were creeping back towards normality.

Month: July 2010

America’s Empire of Debt

America’s Empire of Debt: In this special edition of Follow the Money Weekly, Jerry Robinson takes the entire hour to discuss America’s crumbling financial system and urges his listeners to take action.

July 9, 2010 Month: July 2010

Chinese airport closed after fiery UFO is spotted flying over city

A Chinese airport was closed after this mysterious object was spotted in the sky.

Month: July 2010

Are Overdue Reports Concealing ObamaCare Impact On Medicare?

Every year, the Annual Report of the Social Security Board of Trustees comes out between mid-April and mid-May. Now it’s July, and there’s no sign of this year’s report. What is the Obama administration hiding?

Month: July 2010

Richard Russell: Everything you need to know about gold in three sentences

…As I’ve said a thousand times, Fed Chief Bernanke will absolutely not accept deflation… Shrewd gold-accumulators are well aware of [this]. As the deflationary and deleveraging forces press on the US economy, the Bernanke Fed is ready to devalue the US dollar in its (“whatever it takes”) battle to hold back deflation.

Month: July 2010

IRS to begin tracking gold and silver coin purchases in 2012

A blizzard of paperwork could be about to hit numismatics. Passage by Congress of the national health care legislation has had an unintended consequence to the nation’s coin collectors, vest-pocket dealers who buy and sell coins, and larger dealers who are frequent buyers of coins that collectors periodically liquidate as they trade up their collections for better coins, or simply sell to take a small profit or loss.

Month: July 2010

Federal Budget Deficit Hits $1 Trillion For 1st 9 Months Of FY 2010

The federal budget deficit for the first nine months of the 2010 fiscal year was just over $1 trillion, the Congressional Budget Office reported Wednesday.

July 8, 2010 Month: July 2010

JIM ROGERS: Sell Bonds, Buy Precious Metals, Rice on Supply Shortages

“Bonds are not a good place to invest in,” Rogers said at a conference in Kuala Lumpur today. “You should own commodities because that’s your only refuge” whether it’s silver or rice, said Rogers, who predicted the start of the global commodities rally in 1999.

Month: July 2010

U.S. marks 3rd-largest, single-day debt increase

The National Debt Clock is shown Monday, Feb. 1, 2010 in New York. President Barack Obama sent Congress a $3.83 trillion budget on Monday that would pour more money into the fight against high unemployment, boost taxes on the wealthy and freeze spending for a wide swath of government programs. The deficit for this year would surge to a record-breaking $1.56 trillion. The Debt Clock is a privately funded estimate of the national debt. (AP Photo/Mark Lennihan)

Month: July 2010

Shared sacrifice will be the new economic order

The laser-like focus on the global financial crisis means investors are back in contingency planning mode while the tools to fend off fiscal Armageddon are again being sharpened by governments and policy makers around the world. But, at times like these, it is important to understand where the real economic power resides, and that is with the people on Main Street.

Month: July 2010

Ben Bernanke Has Created Half of All the US Dollars in Existence – in Four Years!

“The U.S. turned 234 years old yesterday, and yet over half of the nation’s money supply was created since Helicopter Ben took over the flight controls four years ago. No wonder gold is in a full fledged bull market . . .”

Month: July 2010

The 23 Countries Most Likely To Default

Month: July 2010

Federal Reserve Surprise! "We may have to print more money" to spur "recovery"

Federal Reserve officials, increasingly concerned over signs the economic recovery is faltering, are considering new steps to bolster growth. With Congress tied in political knots over whether to take further action to boost the economy, Fed leaders are weighing modest steps that could offer more support for economic activity at a time when their target for short-term interest rates is already near zero.

July 6, 2010 Month: July 2010

Niall Ferguson: The US Has 6 Years Before Debt Payments Surpass Defense Spending | Joe Weisenthal | Jul. 6, 2010, 4:51 AM The world’s hottest deficit hawk Niall Ferguson brought his message of fiscal doom & gloom to the Aspen Ideas Festival, where he warned that politicians were lacking urgency over the crisis to come. The Aspen Times reports: And American politicians don’t have a sense of […]