Trading Amid Optimism, Plus Two Investments I Made For My Children


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Topics Covered on this video conference call (in order)

  • Charting the Markets. Jerry Robinson discusses the current rise in the stock market and whether or not traders and investors should be concerned about the fundamentally unfounded economic optimism in the post-Trump election days. Here are a few of the markets Jerry discusses:
    • Physical Silver
    • U.S. Dollar
    • Dow Jones Industrial Average
  • More Optimism in the U.S. Economy. Expect continued outflows from the safety of bonds and into stocks as the Trump effect motivates investors to take more risk. In addition, rising consumer confidence levels are pushing more and more investors to participate in the much-anticipated Trump economy.

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  • Two Investments Jerry is Buying for His Children. Jerry shares one of the very few stocks he is buying and holding for the long-haul to give to his children when they turn age 50, complete with a chart discussion and analysis of its fundamentals. In addition, he reveals the currency he holds for his children’s future (which is also up 120% YTD in 2016!).
  • China, Israel Tensions, and the Coming Cashless Society. Jerry helps bring into focus the important aspects of recent geopolitical tensions facing the globe (and facing President-Elect Trump).

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