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Private Group Coaching: The “Best Six Months” To Invest In Stocks

Topics covered on this video coaching call

On today’s call, trading coach Jerry Robinson discusses the “six-month switching” investment strategy, price gaps, cannabis stocks, how to put your cryptocurrency investing on auto-pilot, and provides an update on the booming Chinese stock market.

Table of Contents:

00:11 – Introduction/Important Disclaimer
00:36 – Today’s agenda
04:53 – Intro to The Six-Month Trading Strategy
06:20 – Average DJIA performance 1950-2018 using this strategy
12:27 – Dow market data shows remarkable performance of the S&P 500 with this strategy
13:53 – Average half-year returns for 37 markets (1998-2012)
14:40 – How the Six-Month Switching Strategy works
18:25Price Gaps explained
20:11 – A recent price gap in TQQQ and a filling of the gap
33:07Trade of the Day: Pure Cannabis ETF (YOLO)
38:08 – Cannabis stocks will likely soar on a Biden win
48:07 – How to Auto-Invest in Bitcoin
49:28 – I buy outright when Bitcoin’s price is in my buy zone (60-80% below all-time high)
51:11 – When Bitcoin is above my buy zone, here’s how I dollar cost average…
1:04:53China’s stock market has surpassed the $10 trillion market cap
1:05:42 – China is the only country in the entire world that is going to have growth in 2020
1:08:40 – China stocks ranked by Smartscore
1:10:43 – Q&A

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