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PODCAST: It’s Not Too Late to Build a Diversified Portfolio

July 8, 2016

    build diversified portfolio

    PODCAST: It's Not Too Late to Build a Diversified Portfolio
    Welcome to this week’s edition of Follow the Money Weekly Radio!
    In this week’s broadcast, Christian economist Jerry Robinson and Precious Metals Advisor Tom Cloud explain why you should know all of your options when it comes to building a diversified portfolio. Later, an interview with insights you won’t hear on any mainstream media channel from financial advisor Barry James Dyke. Enjoy the show!

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    Segment 1: Gold and Silver are Soaring

    Segment begins at 5:30

    Tom CloudChristian economist Jerry Robinson and Precious Metals Advisor Tom Cloud open today’s show with an overview on soaring gold and silver prices in the wake of Brexit.

    Why are we seeing gold and silver rise at the same time as we see strength in the US dollar?

    • In the wake of Brexit we are seeing gold break out to a new 2-year high, while silver is piercing through the important $18.50 level.
    • We could begin to see other countries vote to exit the EU in the coming months.
    • Not only has the Brexit decision boosted gold and silver, but we are also seeing an increase in demand for the metals.

    In today’s show, you will learn what global trends are directly affecting the soaring gold and silver prices and why. We also detail how assets like gold and silver are crucial when it comes to building a diversified portfolio and how you can begin to wisely invest.

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    Gold and Silver prices are soaring in the wake of Brexit at the same time as the US Dollar is holding onto some gains. We’re seeing the yields on US Treasuries bottom out as people pile into treasuries looking for safety.

    Here at Follow The Money, we have been telling our subscribers for months to expect these rising gold and silver prices. Don’t be the last to know when it comes to making important decisions about building your financial portfolio.

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    Segment 2: Exchange Traded Funds and Your Portfolio

    Segment begins at 12:03


    In this segment, we discuss how financial advisors are beginning to move a portion of client portfolios into ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds) like GLD and IAU. If you are thinking of buying precious metals ETFs to get inflation protection for your portfolio, listen now to discover why this may not be the wisest choice.

    The "Gold" Writing on the Wall for Financial Advisors

    • There is no reason in the world that anyone who is building a diversified portfolio with gold and silver can't have access to their physical gold or silver - either in their hands or stored with their name on it.
    • If you want to invest in gold and silver with your name on it in a Comex Bonded Warehouse, you can purchase it from Tom Cloud.
    • It is so important for your portfolio to be balanced. We do not recommend that you go dump all of your money into gold. Or stocks. Or real estate.
    • Begin to explore other asset classes in order to build a diversified portfolio.

    Call 800-247-2812 now for the best prices on gold and silver coins and receive Free Shipping & Insurance when you mention FTMDaily.

    Segment 3: Interview with Barry James Dyke

    Segment begins at 24:00

    barry james dykeIn Segment 3, we move into an interview with Barry James Dyke, a member of our Christian Advisor Referral.

    • Based in New Hampshire, Barry helps individuals understand how top Wall Street players invest in financial products with guarantees while peddling more risky assets to the average investor, as detailed in his book Guaranteed Income: A Risk-Free Guide to Retirement.
    • Listen in as Barry discusses the imminent financial collapse and what is really happening on Wall Street right now.
    • Barry advises against falling into the average retirement plan: a house and a 401k. Building a diversified portfolio depends on looking into other asset classes to protect your retirement.

    How can you build a diversified portfolio?

    Here at Follow The Money, we have developed a network of trusted advisors for you to speak with.

    Barry is a part of our Christian Advisor Network and you can schedule a free consultation with recommendations and strategies for how to build a diversified portfolio for retirement. Visit and mention Barry's name to request your free consultation.

    Listen to the full interview beginning at 24:00 for more insider tips you won't hear in mainstream financial press.

    Request a free consultation with Barry

    Segment 4: FTM Weekly News Report

    Segment begins at 50:00

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    Thank you for your support! See you next week!

    Jerry Robinson

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