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Private Group Coaching: Charting the Markets w/ Jerry Robinson

Topics covered on this video coaching call

On today’s call, trading coach Jerry Robinson begins with an update on U.S.-China tensions. Later, he examines several stock charts and trading ideas and also provides his commentary.

Table of Contents:
00:11 – Introduction/Important Disclaimer
01:37 – Today’s agenda
02:17 – Growing U.S.-China tensions at the forefront
09:46 – Why we are now in a “game of chicken”
14:40 – Will China stocks be delisted from U.S. exchanges? (And if so, what will be the fallout?)
16:07 – Hong Kong is a key player – one country, two systems until 2047
25:24 – Is a hot war in our immediate future? (history speaks volumes)
26:27 – The S&P 500 index pierced above 200 DMA, drunk on Fed support
34:47 – How are leading institutions handling the crisis?
37:09 – Americans don’t have intel, they have corporate news
40:15 – Everything is distorted right now because it is an election year
41:22 – Review of the latest Robinson Report
48:18Smartscore-ranked REITs to watch
50:15 – Price is growing in cannabis
55:44 – This chart shows an ideal ride on the 14EMA

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