MEMBERS-ONLY: An Introduction to Cryptocurrencies

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Founder and Economist Jerry Robinson begins today’s call with a highly educational launch into the intriguing world of blockchain technology and shares the four most popular types of cryptocurrency. Here are the video highlights:

  • What is a blockchain? A blockchain is simply a type of database, created through cryptography and mathematics, controlled by individuals who want to store and trade information that requires no intermediary. The blockchain technology presents potentially devastating challenges to many “middle-man” industries, such as mortgage title companies and the government.
  • Bitcoin. This is a peer-to-peer digital/virtual currency created through combining payment technology with cryptography. It has no fiat currency counterpart. Total Finite Supply: 21 million
  • Three other cryptocurrencies we are watching. A discussion of the purpose and value of each.
  • Investing. As we move rapidly further into the digital world, cryptocurrencies are a highly speculative investment into the future.
  • Charting the Markets. Jerry closes out today’s call with a look at the S&P 500 and some of our recent trade of the day selections.


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