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China-Russia vs. U.S.-EU: The Showdown Looms

July 3, 2013

    China-Russia vs. U.S.-EU: The Showdown Looms

    by Jerry Robinson, Editor-in-Chief

    FTMDAILY – This week, China announced that they would hold their largest-ever joint naval drill with Russia. The “Joint Sea-2013” drill is set to begin in the Peter the Great Bay, the largest gulf of the Sea of Japan, this Friday through July 12. The exercises will include up to 20 vessels plus over ten planes and helicopters and will include a practice drill of capturing a ship hijacked by pirates as well as some search-and-rescue operations.

    Additionally, the two countries will hold another round of anti-terrorism joint drills, codenamed “Peace Mission-2013,” in Russia’s Ural mountains from July 27 to August 15.

    The two navies have been conducting joint drills since 2005. Their last major exercise was a six-day naval drill in the Yellow Sea in 2012.

    According to China’s top military leaders, the drill is intended to deepen military cooperation between China and other military forces within the region.

    As these two rising military powers join forces in the Sea of Japan to show off their latest weapons technology, the U.S. is embroiled in a global snooping scandal of seismic proportions. Perhaps a furious German Chancellor Angela Merkel said it best when she informed the U.S. that the world is “no longer in the cold war.”

    Although, who could blame anyone for believing that we are on the brink of yet another Cold War? (Or perhaps the Cold War never ended but was merely submerged for economic interests.) Regardless, the global economy is a wreck, and many nations are coming apart at the seams. (Think Syria and Egypt, just to name a few.)

    In the wake of the ill effects of globalization, the world is entering an era of increasing protectionism. China and Russia continue their vast military build-up while coordinating their efforts. The BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India, and China) nations, while suffering economic turmoil, appear bent on preparing themselves for an inevitable conflict with the West. When this conflict will erupt is anyone’s guess. But Syria and Iran are just two obvious tinderboxes that could cause tension to erupt across the region leading to a global war.

    The declining fortunes of the U.S. and the EU have forced them to regionalize their governments through a bogus “free trade” deal known as the Transatlantic Union in order to remain competitive in the coming decades. This free trade deal is merely a cover for increased political integration between the U.S. and the EU. And when the political integration is complete, they will move toward their ultimate goal of EU-U.S. monetary integration.

    The globalists want a single global currency. You can rest assured that it is coming in the years ahead.

    However, the ever-widening NSA spy scandal has shredded confidence and trust between the two global powers. Despite the appalling nature of America’s spy program, the two global powers have few options. I expect the Transatlantic Union to stay on course, despite Washington’s insidious snooping operations.

    In the final analysis, China and Russia appear eager to remain firmly aligned against the U.S.-EU alliance. The struggle between East and West will inevitably explode in the resource-rich Middle East. And this inevitable conflict could come sooner than we think.


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