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Welcome Jan Markell Radio Listeners!

April 9, 2011

    Welcome Jan Markell Radio Listeners!

    We know that during these difficult economic times, you will benefit from the variety of services offered here at Our organization is solidly committed to educating you and your family on the topics of how the economy impacts you and your personal finances.

    Here’s some quick answers to some questions you may have from the Jan Markell radio show.

    • Precious Metals Sales/Questions: If you are looking for the precious metals (gold and silver) phone number that was mentioned by Jerry Robinson, here is the information. Call precious metals advisor, Tom Cloud, at (800) 247-2812 (Be sure to ask about free shipping and insurance on your order as a Jan Markell listener.)

    • Find a Christian Financial Advisor in Your Area: Use our 100% free referral service to find a Christian Financial Advisor in your state. Click here to visit the Christian Advisor Referral online. Christian Advisor Referral | Find A Christian Financial Advisor in Your Area
    • Our Financial Newsletter: Our quarterly financial forecasting newsletter, and full access to our FTM Investment Portfolio, can be ordered online here or by calling our customer service line at (800) 609-5530. FTMQuarterly Financial Newsletter
    • Our Weekly Financial Radio Show: Tune in every Saturday morning to our website to listen to our latest FTMWeekly Financial Radio Show hosted by Economist and Best-Selling Author, Jerry Robinson. Click here to listen to our archived shows. FTMWeekly Financial Radio Show

    When it comes to our financial philosophy, we approach your financial gameplan through something we call the Five Levels of Financial Freedom.

    The Five Levels of Financial Freedom

    To hear Jerry Robinson explain how you can get started with the Five Levels of Financial Freedom, click here.

    Finally, here’s a quick reference to some of our most popular services you will find on our website:

    –          Weekly Financial Radio Show hosted by Jerry Robinson (Listen free online each week here)

    –          Daily Financial News Updates (Read the latest here and sign up for our daily email at the bottom of that page.)

    –          Precious Metals Market Updates with Tom Cloud (Listen free online each week and sign up for our free weekly precious metals emails here)

    –          Free Financial Education Monthly Webinars – Live Teachings by! (Learn more here)

    –          FTMQuarterly Newsletter and access to Jerry’s FTM Investment Portfolio (Subscribe here)

    –          Here’s an exclusive Q&A session with economist and best-selling author, Jerry Robinson (Read it here)

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